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Healing with the New Moon

Healing with this New Moon!

I am seeing many astrological posts and texts about the healing qualities of this New Moon. Perhaps you are feeling it nudging or working with parts of you needing healing attention. Remember to be patient with yourself, to have compassion, and to give yourself care when required as you go through this phase.

To reflect further on the healing aspect of this New Moon, the Earth Magic Oracle Cards are offering to bring us more insight with connection.

Waterfall – Effortless

The power and necessity of water. It can sustain life as well as it can take it away. It can create pathways where none were previously seen. It is a part of all of our cells and something that is looked for on other planets. This New Moon is said to be in the sign of Pisces which is a water sign emphasizing nicely the input of this card.

Whether you heal or not, from emotional wounds, from physical ailments, or from psychological or mental disruptions, is in part, up to you. Some say it is completely up to you and for certain people that is absolutely true as they are at a stage to bring healing to themselves on any and all levels. For others, the actual healing may not come in the way humans would perceive it. Rather than curing what is going on, the healing may come in fully living the journey of the perceived challenge. It may come as you connect with others during this time, as community comes to support you, as you find peace within each day no matter what it is bringing, and in so many other ways.

This card is reminding that sometimes it is in the flow that we are the most healed, not fighting upstream. And yes, this may even be the case when the flow bumps us down a few rocky outcrops or off an edge that seems impassable. There is still flow and sometimes it is mighty in its power.

When the healing is approached from the perspective of flow, everyone benefits because everyone will be working together. This may not be happening yet as many see it, but it is for each to start with their own flow of healing in order to gain momentum and to shift the greater healing available.

As you consider and notice what your system really wants to heal, whether it is an “identified” issue or not, you are then given ways to be in the powerful flow that will help you. There is technically no right or wrong way. There is your way. What brings you joy, what brings you peace, what fills you with compassion, understanding, love, and connection. It may not be “easy” when compared with what you want as a cure, but it will be incredibly rewarding when you are effortlessly noticing and moving with the flow of your water and waterfall.

Healing blessings through each cell and all energy surrounding and within you.

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