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Happy New Year! From Struggle to Acceptance towards Peace

Tis the season! Halloween, All Hallows' Day, All Saint’s Day, Hallowmas, Samhain, All Souls’ Day, and the Days of the Dead are found around October 31st and November 1st in some traditions. This in part marks when there is belief that the veil between spirit worlds is at its thinnest and for some is the start of a new year. Celebrate in whatever way suits you, open up to the possibility of greater connection with spirit but also with your fellow man, we are all in this together after all.

Last week, I wanted to post a reading… I was asking about “struggle”, about what we can do if we find we are struggling with something or many things in our life, in whatever way we perceive those struggles. This was sparked after several chats with contacts and friends as well as seeing people’s posts online. In response to my thought about “struggle”, the card I pulled was from the Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards and was amazingly the “Peace” card. I felt the connection with the card, the need to shift our perceptions and our goals to what brings us peace, how we feel peace, how we are aware of our thoughts and feelings, and breath. The affirmation of the card is a beautiful one “I breathe deeply, knowing that all is well in my universe.” All is well. I breathe. Basic yet powerful.


I was all prepared to write a reading to share as I have done many times before and as I love doing, but the reading just didn’t happen. The struggle became one of creating a reading for others to read! How’s that for wackiness? Since then, the card has stayed with me for 6 days, behind the scenes, working and waiting. It even came up in two client readings on the same day, different perspectives for them, but there it was!


Now when I say the Peace card was working and waiting, it is the connection between my highest good, the card, the guides working through the cards, Spirit, the Universe, and the highest good of those who cross paths with me and my work. All those coming together with me as a person and with my life, here and now. With peace we are flowing. And I take a deep soulful breath. Peace. Ahhhhh.


I am grateful for signs that have come to me during these days. They remind me, they support me, and they help me to connect as well with my oracle intuitive self. Blessèd are the signs and gratitude fills me for my spirit team. They are a patient bunch!!


After a weekend full of family events and other types of work, I realized heading to bed last night that we are at the culmination of this season, the phase when many intuitives and psychics feel there is an even greater mystical quality to our world and our connection than usual. That is saying a lot, because the mystic and the connection are pretty huge all the time! The sense of peace and hope filled me with renewed vigor. The actions steps and plans started coming through, tugging on me like a child who is asking for attention. Bless you spirit kids, sparking creativity and inspiration always. My heart fills.

So the year begins, a great opportunity to reflect, regroup, refocus, and reconnect. Let’s start with some cards and welcome in all that our highest selves have to say as they connect with spirit and the universal forces. Peace.

Blessed Halloween and Samhain to you!



BlueWater Oracle




Shaman – Ancient Healing Wisdom


Connecting at this time of year is really about connecting with all that we are and all that has come before us. There is such knowledge in our history, things we learn from and things we still need to learn. Such vast expanse of information that it often overwhelms us. But with a beautiful deep breath, we can come into a place that allows it all to come together. This does not mean that we know it all consciously but more that there is a knowing that it is all out there as well as within us, the knowledge is that of the whole, not that of the one. The whole is where the true power is, whether we are speaking about the whole of an individual, body, mind, spirit, soul, or the whole of a society, world, universe. When the one becomes greater than the whole, it is time to refocus, relearn, and rebalance.


For those who sense a skill in connection with ancient knowing, with spirit, with mystic, this will be a phase of more and greater. The potential to do good is astounding. Step out of the way and let it happen. Turn to others for those skills you do not have or do not feel are your focus and your peace. They will benefit then as you will. Be active in your potential, working with freedom and flow, working with ancient and new, working with known and to be discovered. We are all there, we hear and we know, we speak and we listen. Be well so your gifts can be cherished and be of benefit to you and to others.



“I unconditionally accept, cherish, and love myself just as I am.”

(Please note that the Shaman text was written before I turned this card over. The cherish word is beautifully and meaningfully tying the two cards together and a strong message to us all. I love it when that happens.)


Everyone is at their own phase in the journey of this life. Some will be self-accepting and accepting of others, some will still be learning these skills and lessons. Your task is to start with the self, to start with the I am. Loving yourself just as you are opens the doorway to more acceptance, cherishing, and love, for you and from you. If the doorway is still elusive or in the process of being built, then draw yourself a window. Create it open slightly, at the bottom, the top, or the side. Let the flow start to come in, this is your choice, and you may start the design any way you wish, but start it, do not sit in a closed room, your essence is too wonderful for that.


One of the most challenging things for people can be to accept another who is different or at a different phase. When you let yourself see and feel them at their core of heart, soul, and energy, there is not much room for judgement or criticism. Accept that they are where they are in the hopes that they will accept that you are where you are, as they may find that just as bizarre or challenging!


It is time for the heart to come out of the box, time to lead with the heart. This does not mean one has to be all fluffy and lovey all the time. It means to approach yourself and others with heart-centred and heart-oriented acceptance and compassion. These qualities lead to behaviours which lead to ideas and inspirations which lead to changes and progression for the whole. As one of the whole you will benefit too so allow acceptance and compassion to flow. Give, if only from the heart, give. You will be amazed at what this can and is already sparking.


Until next time,

Love and Light.


Featuring the Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards by Denise Linn,, and the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, &

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