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Grandmother Earth - Love, Connection, and Wisdom - September Oracle Reading 2021

September Oracle Wisdom Reading for the Month 2021


Start this month by setting your vision for it. What would you like to experience? What would you like to achieve? What would you like to receive? How would you like to feel? How would you like to be of service? and on and on… This is a great way to bring intention into your days, cycles, choices, and decisions.



Grandmother Earth


This card comes to you with all the emotion of a Grandmother’s love. The kind of Grandmother who will envelop you in the most wonderful hug. It is the type of hug that soothes the day and feeds the spirit. It holds you just tight enough that you feel safe and secure while love surrounds and enters your being.


This Grandmother meets you with the experience of a life well lived. She knows the choices you have made and recognizes your learning through them. She reminds you that you are loved no matter what but also holds you to recognize where you are invited to shift. Her love comes in like a big wave. For some it may be overpowering, especially if they are not yet full of love for themselves. It can be soothing once the surprise wanes. It will be nourishing if you let it.


Where this Grandmother truly shines is her wisdom. You see it in her eyes, as she looks at the world but also as she looks at you. She has seen much and knows much. Her years have brought adventure, challenge, hurt, healing, partnerships, children, work, and hours & hours of observation. So much that it now wafts around her even when her frame may seem smaller through age and wear. Her energy continues to expand like a cloak she has earned and now wishes to share with others.


This expanding cloak is where she connects her life, her love, her wisdom, with that of the Earth. This Grandmother bends to touch the ground, honouring all it has brought to her life. She smells the ground’s essence, and feels it against her skin and through her fingers. She recognizes its value for life.


This Grandmother puts her hand on the tree trunk, wise soul to wise soul. The older the tree, the more she connects. The tree recognizes a kindred spirit in her and together they enjoy the moments of honouring and sharing. Her cloak and the tree’s essence touch exchanging about their journeys and all they have seen.


This grandmother then steps into the edge of the water. Through her bare feet she connects ground to water and that connection resonates up her being and out to the air, the sky, and the light. The water waves around her touching more as it seeks this knowing, seeks this deep love she has. In return she feels it and is full of gratitude for the life the water provides in all its wondrous ways. The water aligns with the water within her body and through that, she carries their understanding and honouring as she continues on with her day and her life.


And when she simply is her, present with life, she wraps her cloak around her like a blanket from source. Her spirit resonates with the spirit it embodies, from her, through her, and from all around her. Her heart expands and she is with peace. She has nourished, she has given, she has received, and now it all comes back to her, residing within her and walking beside her. Her place is one of such value that the Earth and Spirit both recognize her and are in joy to share her space and time.


Part of this Grandmother’s story is to share with you that she, her essence, her love, her connection, and her wisdom are a part of you. She resides in each individual and she is treasure. You are invited to get to know her within you, to let her bloom and blossom, to let her rise and to shine, and to let her teach.


May this September be one of deep love flowing within you.

May this September be one of profound connection with yourself.

May this September be one of connecting with the land and the natural world.

May this September be the one that allows the desired shifts in you.

May this September be when your own cloaks expands in honour and in peace.


Thank you Grandmother. Thank you Spirit. Thank you Earth.


With love and empowering hugs,



with the Infinite Wisdom of Great Spirit and Mother Earth, and with the Native Spirit Oracle Cards.


The Native Spirit Oracle Cards are by Denise Linn and published by Hay House.


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