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Gentleness and the Choices within Shapeshifting Clouds - July guidance 2021

Gentleness and the Choices within Shapeshifting Clouds 

July Oracle Intuitive Wisdom Guidance Reading 2021

In this month a gentleness grows.

It is up to each one to choose it or to turn away. Life is full of change and challenge. Life is also full of wonder, heartbeats, magic, and majesty. Choose wisely and choose well within its chiming tones and whispering winds, shifting times and voices, and within the hands that make the day and guide the moments.

You are the gentleness flowed from the waterfall of life or you are the sharp rocks that some must fall against. Which do you choose?



Clouds – Shapeshifting


Incredible symbolism for this month of July 2021! The cloud can be a fluffy white cotton creation in the sky or it can be a powerful storm. It can be a windswept rain shower or a feather light essence. It can be welcome shade or frustrating cover. It can be an artist’s palette of shape and form or it can be simply a result of moisture and weather high above.


One thing is for certain, clouds shift their shape in an ongoing basis. To look on them is to know change in every moment, fractions of seconds, as well as long created story lines. What happens locally is as essential to their make-up as what has occurred across the globe, all interconnected in their raison d’être and in their present existence.


To try to live separate from all others, creatures, people, plants, insects, weather, trees, water, etc. is to try to deny that the world works in a harmony and that each one is part of it. The shape you are currently in is a balancing act of all that has come before this moment and what you are presently experiencing. To try to live only in the past is as if looking upon the storm that has just flown through expecting it to bring a different result than it did. It shifts in the present only; it cannot shift in the past, except in the energy we carry from it.


What does that mean? It is a reference to being able to look upon a past experience, a past situation, with a different perspective than was present when it happened. Perhaps in that moment there was pain. With the new perspective that pain can be processed and healed or worked through. Perhaps in that moment there was uncertainty. With the new perspective, there is confidence to see what happened and how it impacts now, thus allowing a new action to be taken, a new choice. This is bringing different energy to shift the past based on how it is carried forward and lived in the present. It is power that can be embraced and can be utilized.


Every side of the cloud has benefit and consequence all wrapped up in that shifting version. While one person longs for rain, another desires sunlight for an event or for growth. While one desires calm and shade, another wishes for a storm to blow through and change the current atmosphere. This is balance and only compassion with the willingness for comprehension can allow it to flourish.


The need for survival is strong and is rooted deep. The priority of one over another is also a base feature. To rise above that and find how the winds bring a new shape, a new possibility, and new choices, is a keen vision with an open heart.


Where and why the heart may not be so open? Where and why compassion may not be there? These are questions with answers that span thousands of years, millions of lifetimes, and billions of stories. The true answer though is only in the shifts of the present. The one breath that is taken a bit deeper than a stress response. The one smile that is more genuine than cynical. The one hand reaching out to hold the door rather than letting it hit. The one act that feeds another’s body and soul rather than contributing to their suffering. These are choices that shift as quickly as the clouds in the high winds. These are opportunities each one is presented with every day. These are what balances the harmony or the disconnect, asking to be noticed, observed, and learned so that the heart is represented and compassion grows.


What would you have yourself shift today? You do not need to go into the huge world events to be a part of a shift. The gentle rain creates an incredible impact in different but no less important ways than the hurricane. You may perceive it differently but that rain is so valuable when it is needed or too much if it continues too long. Harmony and balance tend to be something that gets judged rather than something that just is, in its own magical and wondrous way. What do you judge within yourself? Without that judgement, what harmony and balance would you bring to yourself and then let flow out from you into life around you?


The clouds above may not always have the same shape but it does not mean they are not just as important however they are. Be gentle with yourself for how your shape is currently and how it has changed and will change. Perhaps you desire the change… so imagine what it will be and shapeshift into it one wisp of breeze and raindrop at a time. And enjoy the ride, whether your cloud is a boat or a heart, a feather or an angel, a bear or a balloon, your cloud is always shifting and your choice is whether to fight against it or to see the majesty it shows you, in each breath.


With blessings through the shifting clouds,



and the Divine Great Spirit Wisdom and the Earth Magic Oracle Cards.


The Earth Magic Oracle Cards are by Steven Farmer, published by Hay House.



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