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Gathering Your Tribe – November Year Wheel Intuitive Card Reading 2023

Midpoint of November! A great time to be reminded of the monthly card guidance & wisdom! Gathering Your Tribe

Written version of the Year Wheel Intuitive Card Reading video found here:

November 2023 from the Native Spirit Oracle Cards we get Gathering Your Tribe.

Who are you? Who do you connect with? Who do you relate to? Who do you want to gather together?

It is also bringing together communities. Maybe you don't really you know your community but maybe you can get to know them. Maybe you are part of organizations or groups and you really want to be paying attention to who the people are in this, what do they need, how do I relate to them, how do I work with them, how do I see their lives, and then ask them to tell me about their lives.

Recognizing that if we really have a tribe do we have people on the outside, on the outskirts of the tribe? Are they happy being there? Are they content living a quiet life or a life that is outside of the community, or do they really want to be included but they don't know how. So this is an individual process looking at friends, family, workplaces, looking all those relationships that we talked about previously in this year reading so far, but now it's really gathering your tribes. Those who you are creating a tribe with, creating a community with, and creating a family by choice with. Then it's also acknowledging that you are part of bigger systems: communities, regions, provinces, countries, states, continents, planets … who knows! All of this.

Gathering your own by choice, recognizing others that are in your community, in your village, in your town, in your workplace, and how do you gather them together? So maybe that person who works in the office across the way you don't really see eye to eye but how can there be that connection? What is their value to you and what you do? What are their needs? Is there something that they're on the outskirts of the community and they need to be brought in? Is there something that they require in order to improve their position within the community so they can do what they do best?

This is a very community-minded card. It is very much for you as an individual and your own community by choice, and then looking at the other communities you are part of – could be your family, could be your friend network, but it's also going to be those you don't necessarily know - the people on your street, the people in your town, the people in that organization that you've been a part of for a long time but you only know this group - so who are the others, what do they represent? What do they need? Why are they there?... and then gather.

Not everybody in the community, in the tribe, in the gathering, serves the same purpose. Recognize that! We are all unique. We all provide different services, have different skills, have different talents, have different things that we can shine at and do shine at, and that is absolutely valuable. So when we shine that light to say “This is a person who is not going to fit into the community in this way but they can fit in this way”… ah, amazing! “These five people serve and help and have value in these different ways”… ah, fantastic! “These people I love to have dinner with; these people not so much, but I recognize their value and their role based on this, this, and this.” Very big expansion of awareness and community and gathering. So interesting.

It is also a strong reminder for shelter. Meaning it is a strong reminder to recognize the basics needed by the world. The natural world - animals, creatures, everything in the natural world - what do they need? Because this card has that sort of shelter on it, that home base. So what do they need in order to be able to do their important roles? This is coming back to Earth balance, climate, environment, but it's also looking at individuals and people. “In order to be able to do this role that is so vital, this person and their tribe needs this, this, and this.” So how do we allow that to happen? How do we help that to happen? “What do I as an individual need to do within myself so that I can open to that as I've seen earlier in the readings this year?”

This is bringing it around to a stronger level because well, we don't function as individuals super, super, well. There are great people who do and goodness knows, we admire them, those who are absolutely self-sufficient, who take themselves and live purely their own existence, on their own doing everything they need, but the vast majority is part of a collective, part of a community, part of… stuff. So how do we raise each other up in that?

That's November. What do you need in your shelter, in your home? What does another person need? And how do we in our individual ways recognize that and become aware, but also help to bring that together.

- Sheila

This November reading is by Sheila Bicknell - BlueWaterOracle and features the Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, published by Hay House.

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