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Full Moon Tribal Music Power

As the Full Moon rises ahead of me, shimmering light through the haze of misty clouds, creates dark tree branch silouettes. They seem to want to dance in the stillness, in her moonlight, powerful, strong, and all the while natural and gentle.

There is a power in this full moon. I don't need to research it, I simply feel it and see where it guides me. As the night falls, I have been guided to visit different tribal music and dances, watching the power and strength of the Cherokee and Mohawk Pow Wow dances, drumming, and singing, through to the Haka and Aboriginal Dreamtime dance, and then led to Celtic music, discovering warrior and wolf pack Celtic tunes*, in respect and honour to all their traditions.

There is connection in music that calls to you, whaever its type, whatever its background. Allow yourself to feel, to connect, to let it move through you and touch you. The moon is inviting the basic rhythms and beats that come to you, they can heal, they can feed, they can soothe, and they can energize. The candles glow, the wood fire burns, the crystals call out to the light... Be with the energy, dance in the moonlight.

And now I connect with my Oracle self, with my cards... today's new card for connection is " Elder " ** ... perfect... tribal, power, leader, stepping into the light...

Blessings to you,



* Adrian von Ziegler on YouTube

** Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn,

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