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Full Moon Oracle Card Reading

Happy Full Moon beautiful souls!

What are you doing to celebrate the Full Moon? Is it something you celebrate & honour or is it just a night with a big moon in the sky?  I would love to hear from you.

Here is the link to my video Oracle Card Reading from this afternoon for our Full Moon needs & energies. If you do not have time to watch but would like to know what cards I pulled today, please head down to the end of this text to find out! I hope the reading is insightful, helpful, and enjoyable for you. Please like and comment if you would as it encourages me and helps those on Facebook to see my post more easily! Sharing to the link is also much appreciated! If you would like to be notified of upcoming videos, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. 

Light blessings,


The reading today used Dr. Steven Farmer's Earth Magic Oracle Cards, available through

The cards I pulled today were Full Moon - Completion (yes I really randomly pulled that card!) and Wind - Activation. Then I was drawn to pull the Iceberg - Submerged card to go deeper. What do these cards mean to you, for you, today? Blessings!

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