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Full Moon July 1st Reading


Here we are, another full moon, this one in the summer season where I am. I would love to know what the full moon means & signifies for you, if anything. It is a time when energies feel strong, where you connect with Spirit or with nature? Is it simply a time to admire a big lit up ball in space? Do you see a face in the moon or feel a presence around you? Whatever your beliefs or perceptions about it, may it be a time to recognize the fullness of our lives, all that we can be grateful for. May it be a time to send good thoughts and energies to those who are in struggles, of all kinds, that they may greet it all with grace and strength, and that they may be greeted with kindness & the help they require.

Where I am, in this part of Canada, it is a day to celebrate and remember our country and what we are blessed to have. For some it is a holiday, others a family day, others still a day to move house and have new beginnings. May you all be well and taken care of today!


After I wrote the above phrases, I went to do an oracle card reading for us all. I have recorded it on audio (please press play on the link box below, about 16 minutes). A very powerful message for today. I invite you to listen. I would love to hear your comments & thoughts :).


I am posting the picture of the reading here to look at as you listen but also for you to receive your own insight from the cards!


All the best for this Full Moon, July 1st day!

Light blessings,



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