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Full Moon Energy Day & Reading

Full Moon Energy Day & Reading

Clouds – Shapeshifting

As this Full Moon settles in for the next day, there is a tendency for some to feel the weight of it, to feel the intensity of the moon energy and what that gets talked about, to bring to those who are touched and aware of it. This card is coming in to remind you of the need for the imagination! When you look at clouds, what do you see? Do you only see the meteorological phenomenon? That is amazing enough, how it changes, how it adapts, how it affects all who are in its path… But there is more to see, more to open up to as you look at the clouds, well, as you look at everything really. Children often play the game of finding what they can “see” in the clouds. Is there a rabbit, a plane, a face, a dragon…? There can literally be anything and it is open for the individual interpretation in the moment. This imaginative capacity is a true skill and for some, even a gift. It allows you to see beyond the obvious into the possible and even the unlikely, but leaves a glimmer of mystery, wonder, faith, and hope. Where could you bring imagination into your daily life at this point? What has become so serious that it is draining you? The Full Moon energy is asking you to come into the fullness of yourself, and that includes imaginative capacity in the moment. It can feel good. It can feel exciting. It can feel playful!


Taking Action

The energy of playfulness versus seriousness was here in this reading before the cards showed themselves. Here you are given options. You are always allowed to take action! Are there things you wish to change, wish to improve in your life? You can take an action step towards this, no matter how small it may seem, it is a step in a changing, encouraging, direction! Sometimes you need to play with change, to have fun with an action step to see if it feels good to you, to see if that direction is actually in your best interest and feels in line with you. Once you know that, you will see the momentum is easier to pick up! Standing still is the challenge. There are not too many times when a child is having fun standing still. When they are standing to count in Hide ‘n Go Seek, they are counting and they are often fidgeting, building up the energy to then Go! At other times, if they are standing still, it is often an adult induced state. They more naturally move, explore, create! So if you have the feeling of standing still and it does not feel “right” or “good” or “playful” then get moving! Put on some music and dance, go out for a walk, take a tour around the office to see people, stand up from the computer, lie down and stretch… You may also get moving by picking up an action step that has been waiting for you or that seems intriguing to you. Take it, play with it, see how it feels. You can change again if need be! A small step can give you huge feedback on what your body feels, where your mind goes, what your heart tells you, all for whether this direction is in your highest good or whether it was just an experience, so valuable in itself. Play. This Full Moon is giving you the chance to play! Shift something around in your home, take out a toy you used to love, stand out in the moonlight, write out dreams & desires… Play! You are wondrous and magical, enjoy it!


Oracle Card Reading by Sheila Bicknell, April 10th 2017, using the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, available through & and the Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, available through

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