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Full Moon & Eclipse 5-5 Card Reading May 2023

Happy Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse & Beltane (or Samhain) - High Spring (or High Autumn) 5-5 and more!


I had planned on doing a Live reading video on my BlueWater Oracle Facebook page this morning around the start of the eclipse time but my technology had a completely different plan! Written reading today it is!


The card from my Year Wheel for May is Gaia – Nurturing. Please find the link below for the video to get that reading insights! If you are on my email list, it went out yesterday too


There is a lot of energy going on today, coming to us from all different angles. This is a day to centre yourself, to be aware of the flow and of your needs. It is a day to honour those who have walked on before and to respect with compassion those who are currently struggling here. With all big energy there is opportunity. We can try to fight against it, but much like trying to fight against Mother Nature herself, we will often lose. Better is to find what meaning there is in it for us, to learn, and to find our best next step forward, allowing the path to show itself one step at a time.


Humans don’t always like to work that way. Many of us have been trained to plan and to expect. There are other ways and other options though. There are teachers for this, human and other. Mother Earth and the Moon included.


Milky Way – Perspective


At all important times, we are invited to reflect on and to work with perspective. To think there is only one way is short-sighted. To think any one of us has all the answers is an oversimplification and unlikely.


The beauty and power of this card brings us today, a reminder that we are one planet among many. We have a star among many. There are moons, there are stars, there are planets, there are galaxies, and on and on. Here on this world of ours, we are each one human among many. We are one species among many. The interaction and dependence of all of these on the others is a necessary observation and lesson to learn. To walk truly alone is to limit so much of the life we have the option to lead and to share with others.


Open yourself today to see where your perspective is helping you. Allow yourself to notice when another perspective is of value. Invite in the knowing that you have one perspective among many. See if you can see from the other side, see you if you can see to the other side, across the water, across the valley, into the depths, and high up on the mountain…


Open yourself to sense when your own perspective is shifting, when that is invited and when that is required. There is so much value in this for you, especially today. Be patient with yourself. The shifting seasons do not happen in one day, despite how the weather can make it seem at times!


Manifesting Dreams

“My dreams are coming true!”


This is the opener of a phase where dreams can take flight and come to life. With the balance being presented through the star systems and here are Earth, be mindful of what dreams you wish into existence. You will not have all the perspectives at all times but you will have a sense or a knowing of which dreams are most valuable to you and how they affect another or a larger group. There is nothing here of blame or restriction. It is rather awareness, responsibility, and caring.


Any time you or another may choose to think your perspective is from the “I can do it alone” status, take a pause and remember these cards. Do you create your own food? Do you generate your own clean water? Do you source material for light when it is dark, for your clothes, for your shelter…? Do you care for your waste products? Do you know all that has to be taught? Do you remember the lessons that have already been learned but need to be said again?


These are not said lightly nor to be too heavy. They are said rather to bring the awareness into the team, the community, the partnership, the family, the neighbourhood, the interconnectedness, the whole, the very local and the across the world. All of these play parts in who you are, what you have, and how you live.


As the perspective and the dreams come through for you, open into all you are, a wondrous being, and live that way. Remember too that the person across the way, who may not seem the same as you, is also a wondrous being. Remember too that the bug walking on your window is one too. Live has lessons in every breath. You may not feel able to take them all in but recognize that that is a perspective too and that the dreams you wish to manifest may indeed depend on you and your connection with all you are as well as all that emanates from many others. Fascinating.


Shine your light and light up your dreams! Share and inspire others. Be quiet and observe. Be passionate and create. Nurture you, nurture others, nurture the planet, and say hi to the moon, the stars, and the sun. We are all connected.


Blessed be, love & peace,



BlueWater Oracle

with inspired guidance through the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Dr Steven Farmer and the Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, both published by Hay House.


May intuitive card reading video:

Reach out for your own intuitive conversation and card reading – connect your dots for your perspectives and dreams.


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Thank you! Merci! (oui je suis bilingue!)

Diolch! Niá:wen! (Welsh added as part of my history and Mohawk in recognition of land on which I live and one of the indigenous peoples who were here before and continue to be here & teach today)


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