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From Resistance to Peace & Majesty - December Wisdom Reading 2021


December Oracle Wisdom Reading 2021


Accepting What Is

“I accept and embrace my inner majesty.”


As we near the end of the calendar year, this card comes in with a beautiful message. Take a deep breath, connect in with your body. Take a deep breath, connect with your spirit.


“Accepting What Is” brings the message to come fully into the present moment. There is so much going on right now for you that it is important to pause and be. Through this pause you will be able to notice where you are accepting what is in your present and where you are resisting.


Being in resistance with anything in your present moment may make you feel uneasy and frustrated. This does not mean you are not able to wish for different, to intend an action, or to create something new for yourself. Resistance may mean fighting against or pushing against what is present in your life causing you to be out of alignment with yourself and what guidance and insights may show themselves to you. There is a difference between resisting and saying “this is not what I want for myself”. There is a difference between resisting and saying “this is not something I would like to continue to experience”.


Resisting something in your present moment may be likened to fighting against rains and cloudy skies while they are happening. Saying you prefer it when it is sunny could be what you say to yourself but at the same time saying you accept that it is currently cloudy and rainy and all that comes with it. Constantly demanding or being in the energy of “why isn’t it sunny” or “it should be sunny” or “this rain shouldn’t be happening to me” takes you out of the present moment as your system hunts to figure out how to make the change. But in this case, the change is not for you to make and resisting does not help you. While you are struggling, you may miss any interesting aspects and wondrous moments the clouds and rain may be bringing you.


By releasing the resistance, you allow yourself to fully be in your present. Through this, you will find more access to what you are experiencing but also to what you would like to create and have happen in your next life steps. It frees up space and energy in your mind to assist in the ways it can rather than spending that time and energy in trying to resolve the resistance. You want your brain working with you as much as possible! You want it to be aligned with you and your experiences and journey.


Open yourself, as the card shows, to accepting what is as well as to accepting and embracing your “inner majesty”. The hands open up to the universe, energy, and to spirit, symbolized here by the great white-blue rose in the skies. Its four directional leaves remind you of being connected to all directions and all elements at the same time. How wondrous is that?!


Your inner majesty is the manifest version of this connection. The majesty of your thought system. The majesty of your body system. The majesty of your heart system. The majesty of your gut system. The majesty of your spirit system. And on and on. You are full and complete of all kinds of majesty and you deserve to accept it and fully embrace it. It is, after all, within your hands.


You deserve to welcome in the peace and the nobility of this majesty. Open yourself to the peace that is on the surface of this beautiful rose as well as the peace deep within its bloom. That peace is already a part of you and you are welcome to embrace it. This peace radiates out from its essence into the space and time around it.

Being aligned and connected. Being in the present moment. Being in peace. Being open to your own majesty. Being at peace.


Wishing you a wondrous, peaceful, accepting, and gloriously majestic December.

With love,



with Divine Guiding Forces and the Gateway Oracle Cards.


The Gateway Oracle Cards are by Denise Linn and published by Hay House.


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