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From Fear & Helplessness through Breath to Miracles - Reading

Are you noticing feelings of fear and helplessness?

For a few days, the idea of doing a reading on helplessness came up for me. There seemed to be a lot of this feeling recently coming from local events but also being brought up with a powerful full moon this week. May this Miracles reading be a helping hand for you…

Light blessings,



“My life is a miracle!”

This is a simple answer to a deep and complex question… that of feeling helplessness and fear. How to move forward, how to be, how to progress, how to heal, how to help others, how to figure it all out… and now, breathe… take that big deep breath that physically moves your body, ask your system to do this with you. See and feel your abdomen expand, your ribcage expand with your lungs, your shoulders shifting, your abdominal muscles contracting, the air flowing through your nostrils or mouth… and do this again. Notice how each part of the breath feels. The intake, the pause, the exhalation. Notice it and let your body and mind flow with it.

Now you have provided yourself with a quieter phase, a gentler moment. How does it all feel now, just in this moment? If your mind wanders already, breathe it into the now. Be patient with your mind, it is trying to help in the ways it has been trained and the ways it knows. The challenges being faced do not get solved in these gentler instances but the capacity to solve them and to live with & through them does come more easily.

The miracles – when fear and helplessness seem to be paramount, it is time to remind ourselves to look to all the miracles we are and we are surrounded with. To be in the now so we can truly notice and register them. Breathe… as the mind challenges and worries we will show it with breath, flow, and gratitude for miracles that there is another way. In these moments, the incredible miraculous systems of the human brain working with other energies and wisdom, are given the opportunity to work deeply. They can see what needs to be done, what could be done, what is possible, and what is potential. They then see more clearly the next step to take while enjoying the view and the feeling of all the wondrous miracles.

Reading by Sheila Bicknell, BlueWater Oracle, with the Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, available through

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