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For Love & Money Reading on this Full Moon Eclipse day

Happy Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Day!


With the approach of Valentine’s Day here and money coming up in many business and personal discussions recently, I felt drawn to pull a card for both Love and Money. Amazing how they tie in together on so many levels.


May this oracle card reading bring you insights, guidance, and points of reflection.


Light blessings,



For Love


Love is an adventure, all types of love. It rolls up in intensity and it calms down again. It dips low and needs to be delved into to feel it and bring up its great points. It is a path that has no path so sometimes we use the map, sometimes we go off-roading, and sometimes we pause wondering where we are! Look around you, introspectively and in surrounding people, places, and things. What brings you love? What do you love? What do you bring love to? Stepping into that space of love, whether for the self or for others, other things/people/animals/places… is an action that sometimes needs to be a conscious choice so you realize, so you feel, so you know. Some of that reminds you of the love, some of that drives you to shift and change, and some of that moves you forward to either feel love, feel it more fully, find it for yourself, or to take your love to share.

Do you love yourself? Do you act and speak towards yourself the way you would to a loved, cherished person? Bring that in little by little if it is not a natural state yet. And celebrate it, if it is!


For Money

Cultivating Prosperity

“The abundance of the universe is pouring into my life!”

Do you love money? Do you love what it allows you to bring into your life, how you are able to live, how you are able to share? Fill yourself with the love for what money is able to provide. Fill yourself with the appreciation for all that you have and all that you are. Yes one day there will be a different way of exchanging and living than money, but right now it is the method and it is a huge part of many lives. Embrace it. Release the fight against it. Why do you fight? What causes the fight against money and all it brings in our life? Why do you fight it?

So much work is going into its flow into your life, your work, the work of others, and the society/community as a whole. New approaches, new ideas, new vision, new methods are being inspired and created each day. Allow all this to flow into your life. See the seeds that have been planted and then plant some more. See the seedlings starting to take form, do you notice them? Do you nurture them or do you pass right by in expectation, in busyness? Cultivate in all areas to bring in prosperity and abundance. Cultivate in kindness, love, finances, health, work, family…

Treat the money that comes to you and that goes out from you like a seed you are planting, in energy. You welcome it with energy and send energy with it, in why it has been received and why it is going forward. Awareness for cultivation. Choice for abundance. Do you choose to be abundant? Do you really? Does the universe know it? How do you express your abundance?

Prosperous and abundant blessings to you and yours on this magical day!



Please get in touch for your personal oracle guidance session with oracle cards and intuition. Bring clarity, light, guidance, support, and connection into your life and your next steps forward.


This reading featured the Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards & the Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, available through


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