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First Snowfall Perspective

First snowfall of the season here, bringing a blanket white to everything outside. It is a chance to reflect on perspective... A television show I recently watched, had one of the main characters excitedly anticipating the first snowfall, the crispness in the air, the way it changes the landscape. I watched in wonder thinking how I often approach this time. Today while I heard of those battling through traffic and others being reminded of things to do still before full-on winter, I was blessed with a quiet morning. I could reflect on my perspective looking out onto this new vision around me and choose, choose how I will approach it. The card I am connecting with today from a new Oracle deck for me (Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn) features white snow capped mountains and a snowy feel to it all. The Eagle in it invites to look with a new perspective from high above. Perfect synchronicity. And so I look outside with welcome for this new phase and choose to celebrate what it brings!

How do you feel about the first snow fall? If you have children, what are their reactions to it?

Light blessings,


November 24, 2015

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