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February reading - Year Wheel 2023! Song of the Wild!

February card themes & guidance - Year Wheel 2023 Oracle Intuitive Card Reading

Notes from the video reading! Which parts resonate the most for you?

Song of the Wild – Native Spirit Oracle Cards

February brings a different kind of energy. We still have the rainbow like in the January card and this time it comes with golden sunshine.

This month brings a starting point after January’s 10 of Cups card – something new, changes and difference coming in. This can feel a bit wild but wild can be amazing too. Remember that the natural world is “wild”. Wild does not have to mean crazy or chaos or out of control. It follows its own balance and rhythms developed over millennia. Here we bring some rainbows after the storm, coming with the shifting and changing.


Ask yourself: What would be my Song of the Wild? If I were singing my own song, my wild version song?


What is your Song of the Wild? How are you singing into your life, bringing the wild balance, the natural balance into your life? How does it work? How does it want to work? What do you need and what do you need to be aware of?


You will need to have moments when you stop. You really will need to stop, to look around. Time to really breathe, deep breathing. Look around… Where is your next path in the wild? Where is your next signal? What tracks do you see? Pause to see the tracks… Where is the water, where is the food?…

(Think about being out in the wild and what you would need. It made me think of the Wildearth Live Safari drives and the amazing naturalists that guide them).


Remind yourself that you will have to pause. There will likely be ups and downs with wild flows. Take a pause as the ups and downs happen, breathe. Step into your self and into your moment.


Look for the indicators – pause, breathe, and check “Which way am I going? Where are my indicators? Where are my priorities?” (take a look back to what was important in your Cups from January.) Choose your direction and your choices carefully. Identify these with your own Song of the Wild.


There are probably some changes in the world this month too bringing a bit more wildness and new things.



Would you like to see the reading as it happened? Watch the video version here, starting at 12:58 for February or watch the whole video for a full sense of the year!


Reading by Sheila Bicknell – BlueWater Oracle


The January card is from the Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn and published by Hay House.


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