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February Guidance: Dark, Winter, Facts, to Light!

Welcome to the New Moon in February! With this new month, we now gain an opportunity to really look inside and see what we are living and creating each and every day. This does not always sound like a fun process! But the more we work with it, the better we understand ourselves, the choices we make, and see our way forward.


February is our second calendar month. The big start of January starts to calm for many. The intense mission of planning and visioning for our year may slip aside into routine or it may become part of the routine of creation and goal setting. For those in our region in the north, although the days are technically getting longer and the sun stronger, February is often considered a “grey” month. So here, in this possibly perceived as “grey” month, now with the New Moon, we may really feel in the dark!


Take this opportunity to sit with yourself, breathe. Look at the bright moments of sunlight, the fresh snow, the crystal ice formations, and the lovely stillness that is present. Then pull out those visions, goals, and dreams. If they feel a little dusty or daily life hasn’t quite measured up yet, I suggest giving them a nice shake! Dust them off, add in some new fresh and sparkly intentions and actions, see what is great around you and within you, and go for what your life wants to bring to you! Remember that this dark is really an illusion… The sun is there just as strong, it is us who has moved. The moon is there just as full but for the light, it has moved, and we have moved! Great reminders that things are always changing and that the dark is an opportunity to see what wants to come up for us and through us in this moment.


The Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, are the deck which wants to guide us further through this month. As always when I read with my cards, I listen to which deck feels it could bring us the best guidance in this moment. Here we go… take a beautiful big breath, relax your shoulders, receive and reflect…


As if to show us that all which was written here before this card reading, is indeed true, we pull the Spirit Keeper of the North oracle card. It shows us a wonderful wintery night scene. Fresh snow on the trees, bushes, and the ground. Deep purple-blue enters our senses as the full moon sheds is wise light on the land and beings below. The snow comes from the sky and the stars stay there reflecting and shimmering.


Whatever challenges you may be facing right now, notice how much power you are giving them and giving over to them. Like during the winter there are facts to be aware of: the cold can affect you, you need more efficient shelter and food, you need different footwear to make it through and to move about, you need different clothing and tools for the change in weather and its results, and you need to create light more often because the natural light is less in the winter phase. Other than these things, and a few others you may come up with, winter is winter. It is what it is. Pushing against it, resisting, or wishing to change it will often lead you into misery and frustration.


How does this winter analogy relate to any challenges or problems you are facing right now? What are the facts about each of them? Get clear, really clear. Confusion breeds more confusion and you suffer in the process. Notice where the facts start to get mingled with the story you are living or creating. Readjust. Clear it up. What are the facts?


The problems are the problems. The challenges are the challenges. What is a problem for one might be a blessing for another. What is a challenge for one might be an opportunity for another. Perception plays a part. This is not so you compare your situation to another’s. This is not so you judge yourself. This IS so you notice where the perceptions are versus the facts, to allow you to welcome in clarity.


From the facts, you have a great base to shift, change, learn, grow, request and receive help. Going back into our winter darkness, it would be like asking to not have winter. Well, even if that was in your control, it would come with huge intense repercussions for all of nature and the world! Maybe you do not want that kind of responsibility! Perhaps adapting and choosing is a better option. So… what about noticing that a problem is your boots do not keep your feet warm when you are out and about in the cold. Fact. Cold feet, not so much fun. Options: set goals and intentions to allow change and solutions – and let these things flow when you get the inspiration and the ideas! The wool socks that have been in the drawer for years. Better boots you see posted somewhere second hand. Find the ease and time to purchase newer warmer boots. And then something else pops up… going somewhere warm when it is cold here… hmmm that rings nicely to you. Start the goal, the dream, the action steps as possible. If it doesn’t seem possible just yet, then hold the dream and the possibility that you don’t have all the “how” and “when” details but you will! See?


From facts to possible actions to greater dreams. Inspiration and intuition at work. From the dark comes the possibility of light and then comes the light! The idea of boots may seem like a mini challenge compared to many. Okay, sure, that is understood. But if your feet are freezing as you walk, getting colder and colder, starting to hurt with the degree of cold, that challenge is pretty big in the moment. Perspective.


See how this may be applied to other challenges and problems you think you are experiencing. It is okay if you are in the dark, all of nature spends time there. They shift and change as do the seasons and the needs and so can you. Be kind to yourself and patient with yourself as you may be in a “winter” phase. Know that spring is just around the corner for you and for nature.


Wishing you clarity to see your facts and to receive inspiration that brings you solutions, joy, and light!





With help from the Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, published by and available through


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