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Embracing the Future, Open Heart, Support - Oracle Reading

I was guided to pull a card today to provide support. It has been a tough week for many, and last night some of the world challenges became a little closer to home. It was very emotional for me as I wrote the words and felt the great intentions & support that came through. Please watch or read as you prefer, the link to the YouTube video is included below and then the written text. May it bring you inspiration and support also. Please like, comment, or share as you feel drawn to, it supports me to hear from you.

Be well, be kind, & Light blessings,


Embracing the Future

“I step into the future with an open heart.”

The more we embrace the power and the potential of our future, the more we will create a future we will enjoy. Being clear about what we desire, about what we hope for, about what we wish to create, about what we want to bring forward, about how we want to feel and live, the more we will see this unfold. We may not need to have an exact map for all components, but we are able to feel and know when something is in line with our clear vision and heart energy, and when it is not. Each moment can be turned around, no matter how tough, no matter how desperate, no matter how tragic it may seem. The more people who open up to it being turned around, the more people there are to help, the more people there are to create ways to support the whole, the more we can all see the strength and goodness that does exist. With this, in the moment, the woman who cries will receive blankets and tissues, hugs and hands to hold; the man who sobs, staring out with an unanswerable questioning look, will see eyes that care with ears that listen, food will come into his home, money will come to pay his bills, and all that he lost will now be surrounded with gain and hope; the young person who feels there is nothing left for them, who may reach for a weapon or an end will be given a candle to pray for another who felt lost, and as they hold hands and space, will find a tribe, will know possibility, and will receive help on the levels they need to be able to grow and live and contribute where they once thought they had no place.

The more we open, the more we will move into those tough times to yes, feel and experience them, but more to work through, and learn and create, so others may receive easier care and support, and others still will be prevented from creating chaos because they have found embrace and a door that is open to them. It is possible and it starts now, with you and with me, together, rising up, moment by moment, good thought by good thought, kind gesture by kind gesture, supporting ourselves and those we contact. Oneness and embrace for the future, open heart and open mind, in spirit and inspired, in joy and enjoying, I step forward.

Sheila Bicknell, BlueWater Oracle

Gateway Oracle cards by Denise Linn, available through

Background music Zen Mountain, Music for deep rest by Jason Stephenson found on YouTube

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