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Earth Connections and Intentions of Ceremony - May Intuitive Guidance Reading 2021

Earth Connections and Intentions of Ceremony - May Intuitive Guidance Reading 2021


And in the reach of May

So cometh the tide.

The brightening sun

Brings the waves of life.

The choosing of the path

And the sewing of the ways

Creates the essence of being

And the content of all the days.



May Intuitive Guidance Reading


Ceremony – Invocation


We return to the Earth Magic Oracle Cards for this month’s reading and find ourselves with the same card as the month of March. How interesting!


In March this card discussed the “ceremony of connecting with ourselves”. The theme winds its way back to us this month as so many resonated with not feeling connecting with themselves or not knowing themselves in their current journey and life. Give yourself the time to refer back to that reading and its guidance if you feel so drawn. It is never too late to get to know oneself and to create those connections within. From there so much of value can flow outwardly to touch you, your life, those you care about, their lives, and the world. Treasure in the blink of an eye and the spark of a new day.


This month, the card brings us into themes of connection with the world, with this Earth of ours and our place in it. March is the month of the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere and today mark’s “May Day” and Beltane for those who recognize it. I looked up a few reference books today about Beltane, something I have not done in a long time, and lit a green candle as I sat to bring forward this oracle guidance. To receive the Ceremony – Invocation card after that, confirms a deep connection with processes and practices, with ancient ways combining with present moment. Nothing says that more than candles, books, oracle cards, intuition, and a laptop computer!


The cycles of the earth are something that Mother Earth does well. She understands her journey around the sun and throughout time much better than many humans do. Where the dependence on the land and the elements is direct for food and survival, people register deep within them, the seasons, the weather, and the days & nights. When food comes from faraway lands, crossing continents and oceans to reach mouths, it is no wonder than many people lose touch with how it happens and when in the course of a year. When homes, clothes, and power sources help to survive more easily with weather changes, again, perhaps, people find less association with what the seasons mean and how to navigate for one and all.


This reading knows it is saying things about the Earth and our ways that have been said before. Some people are highly aware and for others it is of no interest with differing immediate priorities in their pathways. So who is this reading for? It is for anyone who will listen, anyone who will receive, observe, and shift. Whether it is one sentence that catches the attention and stirs something within, or whether it is the entire guidance that resonates and vibrates with your being, this reading will have succeeded in its mission today with great gratitude.


There are many ceremonies people no longer realize are so, no longer realize are part of the passage of the seasons, the turning of the world, and the passing of time. The birth of a child, each birthday celebration, monthly cycles, holidays throughout the year, graduation for accomplishments, anniversaries, and more. There are many that are tied in with the Earth directly: preparing gardens, planting seeds, tending the plants, harvesting from planted and wild, preparing for winter, and more.


To some, these are not ceremonies but simply acts of time and of the seasons. Is there really a difference? Perhaps one… perhaps taking a moment to breathe with intention would be the difference. Perhaps that simple act connects with the vision and the reason why, bringing power, beauty, and grace to something that seems so basic.


Whatever you are doing in your day and your life this month, invite in the option to bring in ceremony. As basic as taking a breath consciously with the intention for the act you are about to take or do. Why are you doing it? What is the desired outcome for the act? Breathe your intention. Create the moment. And then act.


What would help you with what you will be doing? Add that in to your ceremony if you like. With gratitude if it feels good to you. “Thank you for helping me with _____” or “Thank you for bringing me _____ to help me with _____”. These not only invite in all of your own knowing through your brain, body, heart, history, intuition, and spirit, but also invite in energy of all that can be considered universe or divine or wisdom within and beyond the individual. Engage it all together, invite in the union with wisdom and the option to receive, as you experience and live.


Whereas at one point some may have considered ceremony to be restrictive and confining, this is bringing in wisdom with a flow that now wants to play and dance for the new day. Yes there are responsibilities. Yes there are commitments. None knows this better than the Earth on which we live. She strives for a balance and is committed to achieving it, through flow of huge phases and differing tides of life. Her creatures and components understand that there are ways in which life leads, ways that must be respected. As simple as the rising and setting of the sun reminds us of this.


So if you are in ceremony and you know there is a new and better way, bring the wisdom of what has been, what is ancient and valuable, and intertwine it with the currents that want and need to be. There is never a reason to forget, but there are many reasons to learn and to shift. Each breath you take is an opportunity for this, an opportunity that has been given by life itself. Your intention and your action bring it to life in ways that are needed now, and you are the gift that is needed to bring it. Each breath, each day, each ceremony, and each connection. What a wondrous world and a wondrous life.


May this month be filled with reminders of receiving and layers of connection with all of your intentions and all of your highest ceremonies. May they start with you and your heart, and flow forward forging new ground when needed, remembering when needed, and planting seeds when needed.


Blessed be.

With love,



and guiding forces of wisdom and universal energies, with the Earth Magic Oracle Cards.


The Earth Magic Oracle Cards are by Steven Farmer and Hay House published.


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