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Dreams, Transformation, and Miracles! - Full Moon Eclipse Oracle Card Reading

Today’s reading really felt like it is an extra important one for us all! The reading is from 5 minutes to 15 minutes in the video. Introduction, preparation before and signing off, credits after . I will include some of the main points in writing below for any who prefer written or are not able to watch right now!

My day feels less “wonky” after spending time with the cards and with you!

Enjoy the Full Moon intensity and wonder!



The Full Moon was messing with some of my words as I finished up here: sphere, spiral,, Adrian Von Ziegler... the fun and games of live readings!

Full Moon – the importance of connecting.

Meadow - Vulnerability

What are you setting as your future vision, objectives, and desires? Does it feel drab, mundane, and worrying as you look forward to the horizon? You need to fill it with dreams! Keep the beauty of the meadow, the colours, the energy, the vibrancy, as you strive forward.

Transformation (this card jumped out and flipped over!)

You want the change so you can experience more – more things of joy, love, interest, excitement, and so you can get into the centering even more so…

What are you forming? This ties back to the first card. What are you feeling forward?

Expecting Miracles

Coming full circle from the first card. Blossoms from the meadow to these blossoms of miracles. Know that you are safe. Notice all the miracles in the here and now. Remember to include miracles into the future vision and plan. Big and beautiful! The seeds that will create… seeds of miracles.

Bring yourself into feeling those miracles. What do you want to step forward and set forward into?

Notice the circles, the round, the spheres, the spirals…

Thanks for connecting!

Featuring the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer available on and and the Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards and Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, available through Background music by Adrian Von Ziegler "Freedom Spirit" available on YouTube and Bandcamp.

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