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December Guidance: Light with Blessings and Balance

December Oracle Intuitive Guidance Card Reading

Welcome to this new month! In the northern hemisphere, this is a month of cooler weather, darker days, pure snow, frosty breath, going inside ourselves and our homes to reflect, cheer, and holiday times to be with family and friends and to support our fellow man. The supporting our fellow man doesn’t come naturally or easily for everyone but we all have that potential and there is always hope that community will come together for a better life for all. The light of the holidays is not in any specific day or tradition, it is in the light we feel inside, the light we connect to with each other and with whatever we feel is greater than ourselves, and it is the light that graces us each day through the precious sun, and watches us each night through the beautiful moon and the stars. We are light, may be it be represented by us in all we are and do.


The first card that caught my attention shuffling my Earth Magic deck today was when I noticed from the back of the card that it was upside down. Some people have this often in their decks and it can be an added feature of the reading of a card. For me it is VERY unusual and so it caught my eye. Flipping the card into the upright position as I turned it over, I realize it was one that came up as a friend’s one-card pull during the week. I check in with it to see if it wants to bring us messages and guidance today, and of course, yes it does!


Rainbow – Blessings

This is a time of year which can be full of hustle and bustle for many people. There may be gatherings and parties. There may be extra shopping and decorating. There may be extra ceremonies and traditions. And there may be much much more, creating busyness and much planning. But what is at the base of all this? Why does all this happen? This is where this beautiful rainbow comes in, as the clouds part showing a crystal clear blue sky. What is at the heart of your December and your holiday season, however it looks for you? It is time to reflect as you start this month. It is time to set intentions so you can notice and so you can adjust.


With all the blessings in each life, this is a time to decide whether the holiday season becomes a joyful one or a time full of stress and worry. Start today by feeling your blessings. Feeling them is different than just writing them down, it is really having & living them full of appreciation, full of joy, full of compassion, full of love, and full of value. Value your blessings, love them. From that place of love, joy, and value then approach each task, seeing what is needed and required, and what is at the heart of it or what you are now creating at the heart of it.


As I shuffled for the second card, I am drawn to read the back of the cards, for the first time. This image is also on the Tree card within this deck but of course the back is just so beautiful. And it now makes sense that the first card would come up upside down and catch my attention. This is a message about balance. As above, so below. The balance of shadow and light. The balance of gifts and gems with nature and nurture. The light coming up or going down over the land and each day from and to each night. The shifting clouds and the shifting waters. All in balance and flow. A flow we don’t always easily work with but it is there if we allow ourselves to work with it for our own good and the good of others. This is a message to remember your balance this month and to see when things get out of balance so you can refocus, shed light on it, and feel your calming inspiring light within.


Island – Solitude

This card makes me laugh as it comes up. It was a primary card during my recent Holiday Money Magic workshop with Danièle Soaré. I pulled this card in direct response to Danièle’s reflective question: Why do we fear our light so much? One message it brought up was about being scared to be left alone if we shine our own light brightly. Coming up here today, it reinforces all that was mentioned above about light because it appears to be a dark card, with darker clouds, ground, and water but with a shaft of light also entering the scene. It is a very reflective card which makes perfect sense at this time of year. With the darker days and the desire to go within and be quiet, we are invited to reflect. There are challenges to this life of ours, tough times and difficult obstacles. But there is also much power and beauty. This is what is coming up through the dark of this card, this beautiful powerful tree atop the craggy island, in full purple blossom! It is not letting the challenges stop it from blooming and living with colour. It is showing its essence, it is receiving and giving the light, receiving and giving life and vibrant energy. And so can you, each and every day. Know that you may have challenges, you may have fears, but you also have amazing qualities and brightness that does this world good. Whether it is through touching your immediate family and closest friends or also speaking out to huge groups and communities, that is part of your choice and your path. The most important thing this month, is not to let yourself hide your colour and light, share it with others and receive the colour & light from others as well. You will find that you feel more of the magical spirit of this season!


The last part of today’s reading message is coming forward more through how the reading came about, how the cards chose to share and come forward. This message is to remember to play! When I pull cards, when I work with oracle energy, I am drawn to say “Let’s play!” Never to minimize the impact or importance of the cards and the guidance, but to signify that there is a playful spirit to the universe and to our lives if we choose to play along. This month, there are probably more opportunities to play than in many times of our year, so embrace it and allow yourself to play. You never know what blessings, balance, and blossoming it will create!


With love,


P.S. - Putting away the cards, I couldn't help but want to know which card represented the middle card. The Winter Solstice - Reflection card!!! I love my cards and I love connecting with intuitive readings! May you all have magical moments this month! ✨❄️


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