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Dancing with Fear reading

Is fear something you dance with, walk with, or cower from?

There are many opinions and different ways to approach fear and live through it, from it, or despite it. Is there one way or the best way to figure it out? Probably like you, I don’t really know!

Recently I have been going through some life changes with my spouse as we prepare to move home. It has been quite a challenge for me bringing up emotions and expectations to release and fears to face and learn from. Fears of not being good enough, fears about not getting things done properly, fears about things not happening the way I feel I need them to in the “right” time frame, just to name a few. Sure, I have stuff to work on and learn from, just like you!

This week, as we are in full Spring mode leading up to a Full moon, Easter, and Passover holidays, the fears and I have been in discussion mode. I guess this is a good way to put it. The fears come up and I am given the opportunity, the choice, to see them, to dance with them, and to decide how I proceed forward.

“What would you do if you were not afraid?” is a question I have heard from numerous sources. It bears paying attention to. As my fears come up, I am given the choice to listen and respect them, or to see through them, dance past them (dance with them even!), to another step, another choice. Some fears are warranted and important, protecting us and keeping us safe, often with instinctual knowing! Others stem from patterns, beliefs, ways of behaving, and ways of looking at things. They can show us a lot about ourselves. They can show us where we are limited, what is important to us, and how to really respect our greatest needs. It is all quite fascinating when we give ourselves a chance to breathe and to notice!

I invite you, over this next phase, to become aware of when you feel fear and to give yourself the opportunity to look more deeply into it. You have choices and your experiencing fear may just be a way for your Self to help you grow, expand, release, learn, and move forward.

I would love to pull a card to help us get more perspective today on this “fear” thing! Let’s see what comes up for us… take a deep breathe, focus…


Ancient Healing Wisdom

Through the eyes of a wise one, we are given the chance to see things differently and to heal. As fear grips you, allow yourself to notice what wants to heal, what wants to be healed, and what is ready to heal for you. The fear is showing you something about yourself that you are not able to see at this moment directly, so it brings it to you in an indirect way. The fear may feel direct but it is just the clothing the issue is putting on so that you will notice.

Imagine that the issue which needs to be released or healed is like an almost see-through vision full of energy but not very visible to the naked eye. You know it is there but it is hard to get a handle on and to figure how to approach it. Now imagine that vision puts on a bright purple outfit with green polka dots and golden sparkles. Much easier to notice now right? In fact it is probably hard to ignore! From there you can more easily choose what to do next. You might not have all the answers but you are way more aware that something is going on which needs your attention. Fear is the outfit, the issue is the vision underneath. When it comes to a healing and learning experience, both are there to help you if you let them. Ignore them and you may find that the outfit starts getting its own light and music show to catch your attention and to try to get you to work on things (that’s the fear getting more intense or in-your-face more often)!

Sometime you are working on issues from your own life and sometimes those items are being combined with things from your ancestral line. Either way and no matter your beliefs, you will feel better and be more able to approach your life with energy and truth, the more you take care of your healing when you are given the chance to. Remember not to judge yourself. It would be like you turning your back on the fear, it may feel good in the moment, but it ends up not really solving anything. Stand firm and just feel the fear and what else it is bringing to you if you do not understand it immediately. The vision and energy underneath which is helping your life will show itself when you approach with patience, tolerance, and acceptance of your own journey and your own wisdom.

May your fears bring you to dance with your truth for healing and wisdom.

You may notice that the more you are in tune with what you fears are telling you, the more synchronicities and flow seems to happen for you. I certainly have this week!

Blessings and much love,


With help from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, available through and

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