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Connection with the Wild

What is your connection with the wild, with wild spaces, with wilderness, with nature? We tend to forget at times that we are included in this natural world; we are a part of it not apart from it. Our healthy food choices are grown and created. Our bodies react to the weather, the heat, the cold, the humidity, the dryness. Our energy and mood is impacted by those people around us as well as by the animals we share space with, by the Moon, and by our surroundings at any time, outdoors or indoors. Many people acknowledge the impact of being out in nature on their health, vitality, and well-being. We are connected.


I consider myself blessed to live in a region with a lot of natural spaces around. My own property has woodlands, grasslands, planned flowerbeds, and natural meadow-like areas. To some, they might see only weeds and chaos and I can see that too  but increasingly as the years pass, I am seeing so much more in my space. The uniqueness of where plants choose to grow, the power and strength of the trees, the insect life abundant and busy, the surprises that are always around when only I look. There is a sense of wonder that is beyond amazing in a natural space and I feel honoured to be its keeper here around me, to learn with and from it.


What do I witness here, in my little wilderness? Between yesterday and today, working from home, I have could have created numerous nature documentaries! The largest dragonflies I have ever seen flying over the meadow like big aircraft scanning the ground. Chickadees calling and flitting through the trees then coming down to investigate on my deck posts. Robins seeking water and nutrition in these dry times manoeuvering into wild thorny black thimbleberry bushes after the sweet ripe fruit. Newly discovered wildflowers, one delicate on the banks of my ditch, pale pink as it opens to the sunlight, another a pale yellow popping up in the meadow area. Along the roadside, defying periodic mowing, a lone strong blue Chicory and adorable tiny Deptford Pink wildflowers are joys to discover. A variety of butterflies and bees reminding me why I choose to keep natural spaces. A bat flying overhead last evening as I stepped outside to see the first stars, fantastic as it shows hope for the local bat population. And today, a family of five crows, doing intricate gymnastics to get to the fruit on a neighbour’s tree and then pausing together high up in a Maple on the edge of my property.


I encourage you to bring a little wild nature into your space. Let its magic bring you enjoyment and wonder each & every day. Share what you have and what you love with others, you may just inspire them! My walkabout yesterday inspired me to write this poem. Enjoy.


Nature magic blessings!


The Wild & Aware

I walk through the wild,

that close to home

and away in the deep.

I touch and smell,

listen and notice.

I welcome and witness,

and I am enhanced.

My soul sings

to see the growth.

It sings to see and hear

those that make the wild

their home.

They know what they need.

They seek what they must find

passing by me as if I am

another tall ship in their day.

I speak

hoping my intention and welcome

is heard.

I watch

absorbing the wonder and miracles

of it all.


that I may have no impact,

I may be of no interest,

or I may change lives

and be a source of sheer amazement

standing there,

walking through.

My spirit is in joy.

My body feels the essence.

Energy coming from all sides,

energy coming from within,

and flowing from all around.

Each contributes

in their own special way.

Each is needed

more than I know,

more than I can see;

but I feel it,

I know it,

down into my cells.

Creating the next moments

in a new stir,

a new flourish

of being,

more than I am.

And being taught here

in the wild, by the wild

that I am more


and welcome here

when I step and walk

alive, awake, and




by Sheila Bicknell

mobile 514-573-4740


Please show respect for this writing and its author, always include the author name, contact information, and these phrases. Please request permission before using this for anything other than personal, individual use. Thank you.




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