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Connection with Great Spirit


Sometimes things touch you & inspire in deep and powerful ways, let that inspiration flow...

On December 30th, I listened to a Lakota Healing Song posted by the Facebook page "Native Americans"(1) shared from "Native American Videos"(2). While I do not presume to know all the cultural symbolism, terms, or language of the Native American peoples, I was very moved by the tune and sounds of this song. As I sat, the urge to write came to me. With the utmost respect, I share this. Thank you for the connection & inspiration Great Spirit. I am blessed.


And the Great Spirit

speaks aloud:

Through the wind

touching the trees,

through the rain

landing on the leaves;

through the breath

exhaled from Wild Buffalo

and inhaled by Brother Wolf.

The air that gives waves

to the hawk's wings,

the water through which

the gentle whale sings.

Light from Grandmother Moon,

stars in Grandfather Sky,

watching down,

smiling to the Great Mother.

Plant and animal,

land and sea.

Where powerful rocks

stand with strong mountains

and rivers run wild and free.

The ground warms

under the rich sun

and cools in the crystal white snow.

Through forest

and through sand,

the mighty tree

ventures to grow.

As quiet as the whispering grass,

as loud as thunder play,

the Great Spirit connects us all

and together connected

we will stay.


- Sheila Bicknell

BlueWater Oracle


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