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Communion with You and Nature

March intuitive guidance reading for the month 2020

The month of March feels like a very earthy month. It feels very deep in communication and in magical energy related to the natural world. For those who are entering Spring, it is the waking and stretching of nature. It also includes a call to notice and to be in connection with the natural world, within the body, mind, and spirit, as well as with what is natural and wild all around. For those entering the Autumn season, it is a deep appreciation for all that has been, for all that has grown and prospered, and for all that is returning to the land and caring for the land. With that, its connection comes in rich, profound depths that are there for you and want you to work with it all.

Eagle – Communion

As this card was selected for the reading today, before I turned it over, I had the sense of the deepness of the messages today for this month. There are many who desire deep connection. This is a great and important time to seek and allow this. The connection is there, it is always there. It is us and our journey, individually and collectively that moves us in line and in flow with it or moves us to work opposite it. We are the ones who would benefit or would suffer as a result. We can live, for sure, either way, but the depths of what is satisfied and our truth will tell us whether we are aligned or could benefit otherwise.

In this card, we have the connection between the human, the sacred, the animal kingdom, and all that is working with us and around us. What is sacred to you is unique. How you see and connect to the natural world is unique. How you choose to live your life is unique. How you connect with yourself and your life is unique. There are strategies and ideas that can be learned. Advice and work methods are there for you to bring you in touch with it all. And there are tendencies and ways of being that are common and present even if intricate.

Somewhere inside you, you know whether you desire a different kind of connection, something deep and sacred. You may already have it or you may be starting to feel into it. This is not a race. Somewhere inside you, you may recognize the natural world connection. You may already be deeply rooted and connected with nature or you may simply know it exists. This is not a contest. It is not about who connects better with nature. It is however, here and now, about how you ARE nature and how nature IS connected with you.

Does that surprise you? Do you ever think of yourself as being nature or “natural”? Do you ever think of the natural world as needing you to function well and properly? Many people do not. It is not in their daily living and does not enter into something they need to put time and effort into. And this is alright until it isn’t. When the person becomes so separate from the nature within, they may notice more fatigue, disconnection with life, challenge healing, feeling of missing out, etc. They may not of course, it might just not be a priority or a valid need for them. But it is worth noticing.

For nature needing you in order to function properly, this is not in the level of an animal needing you to live life how it has been taught or understands instinctively. The eagle knows how to be an eagle based on generations of learning as well as learning directly from family and from instinctual knowing. It does not need you to show it that. Where it might need you is if you interfere with its learning or natural living. It might need you when the nature it depends on and works with is shifted because of you and your ways. Why is this important? For some it is not, it is really not, they couldn’t care less, or could they? Is their disconnection from self and from nature so intense that they do not see or feel anything about their own natural aspects or the natural world? They may not know and nor may you but it is something to allow yourself to notice within your own body system, your energy, and the natural world around you. How does the natural world need you and how do you need it?

Communion is a deep connection with clear and varied communication. This month you will have moments and occasions when you experience this valuable communion. At the very basic level, you will be invited to commune with you. Who are you? How are you living? What choices do you make every day, in how you treat yourself and others, in how you listen to yourself and others? You are an amazing system of communication, personality, body, energy, mind, heart, and spirit. Trying to be only one of these is like asking the tree to function when you have cut off its roots and branches leaving only the trunk. Will it spout and root? Maybe, but it will certainly be a more intensive challenging phase.

As you commune with you, do so with patience and understanding. When you are out with nature, you may know details about the natural world and what is happening but you can also be present in peaceful observation. Be in peaceful communion with you. What is happening in your system? What is your system noticing and experiencing? What makes you feel joyful? What do you know you need? Awareness of breath and life. Awareness of you.

How deep you bring this communion with you, your life, and the natural world is up to you. For some it is enough to have that awareness and basic level of understanding to communicate and to be. For others the call and the need is to go deeper and to connect more. Keep the communion and connection in balance in your life the same way nature functions on an intricate balance at all times. If you only connect and commune with one part of your life, you may notice that other parts begin to vie for their own needs and for your attention. They are seeking communion, they are seeking balance. Have you noticed that nature does the same? If you focus only on the human needs, does nature start to vie for attention? Could it be a need for communion and a need for balance for the natural world but also for the human as part of that natural world?

When you commune with you and all that you are, you welcome in a sense of calm and peace, no matter what is happening in your life. When you commune with you as a natural being and as part of the natural world, you seek balance in ways that serve you, in all your aspects, and nature too.

How are you communing with you today?

How are you communing with you as a natural being?

How are you communing with the natural world?

The spiritual world is happy to know you and the natural world is happy to get to know you, again.

with love,



and Great Spirit divine wisdom with the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer (Hay House published).


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