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Changing times

Does it feel like a time of change to you? In some ways it is always a time of change, new things come, some things go, we learn, we share, we are challenged, and we rejoice & love. Sometimes, the changes can feel very profound and ask a lot of us on our journey.

One of the decks of oracle cards I use for readings is the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer. I often find inspiration on his Facebook page as well as beautiful images. Here is the text from his post yesterday that sparked these thoughts:

"It’s a time of changing patterns. Find patterns in your life that are merely habitual. Try something different. A different way home, a different way of speaking, new words, Walking instead of running. This kind of shake up gets you familiar with change, and rapid change is what it's all about now. - From the Teacher in a journey this morning."

Thank you Dr. Steven Farmer & the Teacher for reminding us of ways to prepare for these changing times.

Light blessings,


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