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Beginnings reading to guide us during recent distressing world events

This afternoon, I was at my new office location, doing some work, chatting with my office mate, getting used to my new space, and planning for a potential upcoming event. I had a plan to go and run an errand mid afternoon. I was already behind my intended schedule when I clicked onto something online. There was then a strong reminder from earlier today, a calling from the oracle energy… time to work. Here is what I wrote in that mid-afternoon time:

This morning I heard about the most recent attack that has taken many lives and damaged many others… I am aware that this happens daily unfortunately and that there are many reasons and many opinions on all that surrounds it. When the cards call and oracle energy wants to talk, I become the vessel to communicate to you. Know that this comes from the highest place I know and is with the intention to help all who read this. Remembering that change is very challenging for most of us and requests reflection and inner observation…

The card I have pulled, came quickly and definitively and the words are rapidly following…


For anything to begin, something else must end. At the very least, something else must be ready to change or to welcome in another part; space must be made for the beginning to take shape and to grow. There are times when what begins is not desirable and it is stopped before it progresses. There are other times when it takes over. And still other times when it starts and then it develops. Always it expands, learns, takes shape, shifts, adapts, evolves, and becomes. It becomes whatever it becomes and this is a product of the influence of an enormous number of factors including each individual and their energy. What was initially started and intended is not always what then continues. Sometimes it is an improvement and sometimes not so much. Even that varies on who and what is observing, when, and under what circumstances.

So, here there is a need to begin something new if that is desired. Each person reading this must decide for themselves if they desire something new. This may specifically relate to the destruction that is being observed in the news lately, but it can also relate to any topic in one’s life. How do you want it to be different? What do you really want? Really? Not just the surface discussions and judgements but really, deep down, and deep inside? This may not come to you immediately, the same as the desire for something new may not come instantly. You may need to observe, you may need to feel and reflect. Better to do this than to act on a false desire that does not last beyond the clicking of a key on a keyboard. The beginning can start with you, it can, yes it can. How you do approach another? What thoughts and feelings do you send out when you observe someone in distress? How do you comment? What do you desire would be different? Notice these things, observe, and adjust accordingly when you notice your reaction is not in your highest good or that of another. Notice and then shift, even if you shift midway, that is alright, you still noticed, and you still shifted. Your self and others will then benefit. (To those reading, please note that these words are coming to me with a sense of urgency, the desire for us to pay attention is very strong, it is not quite at the “being lectured” level but more how you would feel if someone you respected deeply stood directly in front of you, looked in your eyes, and spoke to you about something very important, in earnest. You pay attention even if you feel a little uncomfortable because you know you may adjust and learn, reflect and change.)

The image here on this card is of a tree that appears dead with leaves floating around it. Recall that those who live in climates where trees lose their leaves observe that the trees appear dead but are they really? No they are not. Sometimes when a situation seems completely hopeless it is just because the hope is under the surface. It is there, working away, trying to get to the surface, trying to get people to notice, trying to get to a place where it can receive the full light and nourishment in whatever format best suits it. What if you are that light? What if you are that nourishment? Every breath, every thought, every word, every action, is a part of that hope or part of the surface that blocks the hope. Which do you strive to be? There is no perfection, there is day by day, moment by moment, learning and progressing, trying and doing, there is compassion, and there is hope. It is there. Feel that hope right now. Hope that situations will improve, hope that people will behave in ways that feel more compassionate, that feel more supportive… Hope that each one will become a part of the whole and the whole will heal.

We welcome those who have passed into spirit with open arms and hearts. We hold those who are hurting and grieving. We stand with those who are learning, shifting, and reflecting. A new month starts and almost a new season but each moment is really an opportunity for a new beginning.

with Love.

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