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Awakening Reading


This card chose itself quickly today with determination and definite energy. Its mission feels strong and on purpose.

While there is certainly a greater awakening happening that expands world views and energies, that brings up higher thoughts and feelings, this card and its affirmation feel more for the individual person. The affirmation reads “I am joyously aware and aware… and ready for anything!”

While in the context of world events, this may not feel superiorly comforting to the individual, but it is an invitation. This invitation is to allow in the wonder, to look upon life with excitement, to be open to see things in ways we have never expected and could potentially never have even imagined. When we allow ourselves this excitement we awaken to possibility, we awaken to enjoyment, we awaken to looking for the best even in perceptibly challenging circumstances. What amazing things can be created in each moment by each person when they look and expect wonder. Wonder in people, wonder in nature, wonder in discovery, wonder in actions, wonder in newness, wonder in recognition, wonder in compassion, and wonder in unity. Even if for now the greatest action is wondering together, looking forward together, standing and holding space for all, together… What might we then awaken to, what miracles might we allow and invite when our eyes and hearts are open? Send this expectation out in front of you and hold it close when you feel you need to, like the most powerful, lovely, loving teddy bear. The wonder and love of a child is one of the most powerful things present for humans here on earth. Touch this and awaken with this each moment of each day and send it out to others when they are in need so they may create and discover joy in their own lives.

Blessings of Light.


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This reading is using the Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, available through

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