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August Oracle Guidance Reading

Guidance for the month of August



“I am a radiant, glorious, powerful being!”


You have so much beautiful power at your fingertips. Take a deep breath right now and allow yourself to remember that. Allow yourself to feel that deep into your being and deep from your being.


You also have an incredible array of choices ahead of you at all times. This sometimes presents a challenge to humans because it can stifle the mind as it tries to decipher what needs to happen next and what is the best course of action or decision to take. In most cases what is of primary importance is to make a choice and go towards it. Remember that the other choices are still there. They are not negated by your choosing a direction. If in your action towards that choice, you decide that it is no longer or was not in your best interest, then you shift course, and choose again. Like the face of a compass, it gives you all the direction options. The needle points to north but you can choose any direction you wish to go. It is there to situate you, not to say you need to go north.


If you are frozen in your choice making, this is a signal to stand still for a moment. Breathe into your body and into your life. Come fully into the space you are occupying. And then look around. See what is in your life. See what surrounds you. Feel what you are feeling and feel what your life feels like in this moment. Then when you feel you have been still for a good while, feeling calmer and more centered, it is time to look at your choice options. Feel the one that resonates most with your heart. It feels interesting, maybe a little exciting, maybe a little scary as well, but also with a curiosity and a joy present. Your heart nudges you forward. Just take one step, whatever that step is and then breathe again. Continue this until you build momentum or find that you are no longer frozen. You may even get surprised and find you are moving forward towards that choice faster than you imagined!


Some other choice and some other experience may be around the corner but at least you have moved forward to get there. You are connecting to your power in this decision making and action taking. Raise your hands up and smile in your power!



Sheila note: Writing out oracle readings is always interesting for me. What comes through is unique each time. In this one, the way of communication used what felt like more proper English with particular vocabulary that doesn’t always come up! Fascinating! Thankful for having some good English in my writing skill options, haha! and thankful for being able to receive and pass along guidance. 


This reading features the Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, available through


(as read and published August 3rd on my Facebook BlueWater Oracle Page)

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