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August Love Oracle Intuitive Reading - Freedom!

This Monday morning, August 1st, I thought about sharing a gratitude post. Those are always a great reminder for me as well as, I see, for others. Gratitude is an incredible feeling, action, and state of being. This morning though, went once notch up by going into Love directly. Listening, as I do, I created a post about Love and am loving seeing the comments. May it bring you a moment and many moments to come of Love at the start of this month!


And it does not want to end there apparently! Nor should it! Love is an amazing tool, emotion, expression, and life force of our lives and the universe. This August, it wants to guide us in a reading… here we go!


August Love Oracle Intuitive Reading


Freedom Horse


True Love is all about Freedom. It is a flow of energy that comes to each creature, organism, and person from the Universe, whether you think of that as the Divine, Source, Spirit, or the best version of all perspectives.


True Love is not something you can hold on tight to as it needs to be in flow at all times. It flows with balance, with vibration, with needs, with desires, and with all there is. How could you put a limit or try to cage that?


Give yourself a moment right now to feel into that true Love and the Freedom it moves with. Where do you notice Love in your energy? Where do you notice Love in your body? Bring your awareness to it. See its colours, pick up on its movements, and allow its vastness. This is not a conscious-only experience so try not to limit it. Let it show you.


Is the Love in your energy free-flowing?

Is the Love in your body free-flowing?


Take a few deep breaths. Send support to your brain as it tries to figure out what you are seeking, especially if this is the first time you perceive Love in this way. Patience and gentleness with the mind, it is so valuable to you.


Even if you sense a flicker or a flash, a zoom or a sparkle, a wonder or an enhanced view, let it show you Love. You can define it all you want, but there really is no definition that will do it justice. So allow.


And in that allowing, recognize that the Freedom aspect is something you will balance. Like the Freedom Horse in this spectacular card, it will be living and thriving with the natural existence. Perhaps different in some ways than the Freedom Horse, is that you as a person, have a life that may or may not make sense to you right now. You may have situations that you are working through. You may have choices to make that you are uncertain of. You may have boundaries you think you are living in. All of this is true and so much more. Such is the way of the human in many places of this version of the world.


So take a moment to simplify. What do you really need? What would Freedom be for you? Not some mega lottery winnings version of it but a true grounded, on the land, in the heart, in the breathing, in the choices, in the experiencing and living of life, version of it. In the Love version of it. Now go big if you want to, if that truly represents you, whether through income, chance, or investment, but remember the Love aspect, and remember the Freedom component. They both have strong feelings associated. They both have flow.


Flow of Love and Freedom may not always look the way you think it will. Ah that’s a catch right? You could see it that way or you could see it as a form of copout, or you could know that it is part of the human experience. Not everyone will have the same life, joys, losses, timing, perspective, privilege, frustration, opportunity, body, mind, heart, and spirit… you are all unique, living in unique ways. By opening to the Freedom of Love, Love that is bigger than one person, Love that flows and moves, but also Love that balances and nourishes, you open beyond what you think it should be and into what it actually is, for you, right now. Isn’t that worth running towards, or even running with?


However this looks and feels to you, it is present, it is an option. Release judgement of yourself or others for how it is lived or what has happened, and seek through opening, the flow of Love Freedom in energy and in you.


With free-flowing Love and deep gratitude,



BlueWater Oracle

with the Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, published by Hay House.


Here's the earlier post! 

Love... a new day, a new week, a new month. Who do you love? What do you love?

Feel the love flowing to you, in you, through you, and out into this amazing world of ours.

“I love...” - Fill in, complete, and explore.

Did you start with “I love myself!” ? Let yourself be love and loved!


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