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April Guidance Reading - Listen to your Heart

Guidance reading for the month of April 2019


Listening with Your Heart

“I trust the messages I receive from my heart.”

Receiving this card today, in the first week of April, confirms messages I have received and discussions I have had recently. The brain and the heart work differently. I do not believe that one has to be thought of as being more important than the other but that they serve different roles and have different jobs if you like.

To want to stop working with the brain would be the same as shutting down a main controller of our body system; it would not be in our best interest as a human being. To ignore the heart, its guidance and wisdom, would be like having no sense of values or principles to guide us, no sense of anything bigger than ourselves or how we contribute with our own life and to the lives of others. The heart is a huge connector to the here and now from a soul level but also allowing us to see and experience life in ways that the brain may not be able to process or understand initially. Having the two working together is the most beneficial and expansive way to be, bringing us the most joy and using incredible tools available to us. We have to be patient with the brain though, as it has its own way of doing things to help us survive and to see the present moment in very linear ways. With the heart’s help and our own understanding the brain can become a valued ally and incredible partner in our journey.

How do you listen to your heart? This may either sound like a very easy thing to do or a crazy thing to do, depending on your experience and point of view. It is as if you have a unique guidance system combined with a massive encyclopedia right inside you that also extends out through you. When you listen to it, you feel good. Bottom line, you feel good. It is supportive, kind, and aware. It helps you to feel and see what you might otherwise fight against or forget to notice. The more you play with it, working together and exploring together, the more its energy expands and the easier the connection becomes. The connection is already there, you are not creating it. You are coming into alignment with it so that the messages and guidance come into your life in ways you can notice, recognize, work with, and enjoy.

Think of something or someone you love. How do you know you love it/them? What are the sensations in your body? What are your thoughts? What are concepts you understand about it/them and your relationship with it/them? What happens as you work with that love? Does it expand? Does it grow and bring you to new and more expansive things? Does it feel good?

Within love there are human factors too and we understand that. Each person brings their own journey into the fold. They have their own story that might affect their views and others. Each thing may come with ownership, location rights, or have a finite timeframe on the earth in a physical sense. These are concepts that humans perceive as ways to create their lives and to understand it all and what is important to them. This progresses as humans progress. However all these bits are not the same as the love from the heart… the love is there regardless of the story or the expectation, who owns what, how long something will last, etc. The love is there.

This is the same with other messages of guidance from the heart. They are there regardless of the stories, judgements, expectations, or brain survival thoughts you might have. They feel like love. They feel kind and supportive. They will be gentle until it is imperative for the human to hear and learn, then they get more intense, still kind but intense, willing the human to listen and attend to.

No matter where you believe the heart messages come from, whether it is your highest good, your soul, the heart itself, the divine, or helpers in spirit, they come to you to enhance your experience and your journey. The “from where” or “how” only matters if it is important to you. Otherwise the message and the guidance are what are of the greatest importance. There will most likely be some consistency to them and good sensations. They can be confirmed and double checked if need be. Any important message will not be fleeting or at risk of being missed, it will come in different forms as need be, radiating out from the heart into energy to be communicated in ways you understand. Be patient with yourself if this is new language for you, you are doing very well.

Your heart opens up with the broadest and most powerful love. It knows your journey and it knows your truth from the depths up and from history forward. It knows when you feel like yourself and when you are living that way. It understands when life is just life and you are doing your best. Then there will be supportive messages and caring essences to hear and feel. If you will let yourself open up with it and to it, you will feel good. That goodness then radiates through your life, helping you and helping others, connecting you with others even when you may not really be conscious of it. That is a beautiful thing. Spiritual energy meeting and living with human earth experience.


Like being with a child, waiting for them to feel open and comfortable to share what is going on with them, the real stuff, inside, you need to give yourself opportunities to Listen. It is a practice you will get better at the more it is done. You and your heart will attune to each other more and more as the practice is done. Whispers, feelings, knowing, understanding, and deep soulful breath are some of the ways you will hear. Enjoy the exploration as you would enjoy a good new book or a good new television program. This is your script, your set, your actors, your storyline, as real as you make it with as many edits and adjustments as you need.

I am open to my heart guidance.

I feel love in each moment of my day.

I am connected and inspired.

with Full heart blessings,

reading with and through Sheila Bicknell, BlueWater Oracle 

With help from the Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, available through

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