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Ancestors & Generations this October - Intuitive Reading 2022

Each Monday I pull a card or more and bring forward a guidance reading for my membership group the Oracle Cove. Earlier today as I was waking up, I felt there would be an October card and message to share for this month so I made the mental note to get to that today. Well, as soon as I pulled this card for the Cove this afternoon and started to write about it with the reading, I knew it was our October card and it wanted to be shared wider.


I want to thank the members of my Oracle Cove for having such amazing energy that helps me bring these types of messages and insights each week. Their openness and support of my work, as we learn and grow together through readings, sharing, reflecting, and conversations, means so very much. I know it and the cards know it too. This month, you get to benefit as well.



Oracle Cove guidance for the week October 3rd 2022


Ancestors – Generations


This is a very powerful card (yes I know they all are really!) for this time of year. I pulled this card as one of the general reading cards during my Live reading session on Friday evening on my BlueWater Oracle Page. It was in the context of me discussing the National Truth and Reconciliation Day which was September 30th here in Canada. It is a time to put extra focus on our history here in this country with how indigenous people were treated and continue to be, especially the children who were forcibly removed from their homes and culture, many of whom never returned. That part of the conversation received the Gratitude card first, reminding us to be grateful for all we have in our lives and for being able & invited to have these deep and very necessary conversations.


From that point of Gratitude, I was brought into being grateful for our homes, especially when so many are going through terrible loss and challenge through extreme weather situations over the last little while. Then the Ancestors – Generations card came out. To me, it was tying the indigenous journey discussion, with current truth, with reconciling the need for the generations and ancestors in the conversations and remembrances, with how Mother Earth speaks to us sometimes in very intense ways.


And here today, we get this card again. All that previous subject matter is still important, is always important. We now connect it in with this month, October, when in the northern hemisphere we experience the Fall season as well as the honouring and celebrations around Halloween, All Soul’s, or Samhain – whatever you prefer to call the end of October and early November. A time when it is considered that the veil thins, connecting with all things “Spirit” is invited more & more, and the communing is generally thought to be easier.


Recognizing the journeys, the history, and the stories of our family lines and our generations comes in strongly. We are invited with this card this week, as we are in the Autumnal season of releasing, to notice and recognize the family cycles and patterns that we have already let go of and those we are currently being invited to release. We can see them for how they might have been necessary at one point in history but perhaps are no longer needed or desirable. We can recognize how they can now or need to now change and reflect what is desirable and what is current truth. We can see beyond the drama and the tales to what stories are needed for learning, and to learn from them and with them, passing them on to the next generations so they know and remember too.


We can feel the wisdom of those who have passed on before us. Perhaps they had the wisdom as they were living or maybe they have connected to it after they journeyed into spirit. Now they offer it to us in the ways we connect and receive. Always our choice to receive and register it all or not.


We are invited to bring gratitude to the wisdom that is shown to us, to the wisdom that helped others before us, and to the wisdom that will help others as they grow and live life now. We can extend that gratitude past through the ages to all those ancestors for what they lived through and learned, during life and afterwards. We are grateful to be shown their perspectives and to open our own perspectives as we walk through this current life.


Allow yourself to remember the stories, to look at the pictures, to feel the journey with all its emotions, lessons, and wisdom. Remember the love when it is present and bring it in when it has been lacking. Allow the release when something that no longer serves or helps comes up, replacing it with gratitude and wisdom however they show themselves to you. Replace it with love.


Recognize that your ancestors and the generations before you, walk in you. They are in your cells and in your knowing. You may not have the same path they did but their path is part of yours. Recognize the ancestors and the generations of where you live too, whether they are in your cells or in the energy of where you place your feet, or both. Together they all bring the balance, of the person and the Earth where they live. Allow the wisdom of both to come together in you and around you.


You do not walk alone. You never have and you never will. There is life all around you and there are ancestors within you and walking next to you. This is a time to open to the wisdom and the knowing that comes through all of this. This is a time to allow the deep and profound love that comes too.


May you feel the hands of the Ancestors as you go through your daily living and through your deep introspections and personal journeys. May you receive their wisdom as it suits you best and may you feel their love infused into every breath you take and into all of your cells, healing and nurturing as it flows.


Blessed be for a remarkable October, steeped in connection, and revitalizing wholeness.


With love,



BlueWater Oracle

and the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, published by Hay House.

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