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Ancestors, Generations, Embrace the Future, and Open Your Heart!

Yesterday I jumped on to do an impromptu live reading session here on my BlueWater Oracle Facebook Page. So honoured to do this work and bring insights and support forward. Here are the first two general group reading cards we pulled! Great reminders and hope!


The Ancestors - Generations card brought us insights about the wisdom from our ancestors. This is an important time to be receiving and sharing the stories of our elders and seniors. They have wisdom through experience as well as valuable stories of the journeys of life from their families and themselves. It is a time to bring wisdom from different ancestor lines together for greater understanding, truth, and connection.


We honour all the people caring for others at this time. This card brought out the particular value of parents caring and raising children while all this is going on. Whether they are little wee ones or big young adults, your role as parent and guide is so important to this future generation, what they know, what they learn, how they behave, and how they see forward.


The Embracing the Future card brought us a shift of energy as we move into April. It reminds us to look at the beautiful horizon. What are we bringing forward, what are we creating, what is our vision? It is a time to open our hearts. This allows us to behave and respond with compassion, kindness, understanding, and love. It does not mean that we let ourselves get walked over but that we respond in a way bringing us closer to our vision. This is not the time to be putting up walls, it is the time to open the heart. You have choices at all times, this gives you freedom, even if you cannot see the way just right now.


Allow these cards to speak to you, to bring you connection and communication through your own knowing and your own intuition.


I look forward to our next messages and wisdom receiving times together.


Be well, stay well.

Wake the Wisdom, Feel the Magic.

with love,



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