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Adventure and Wonders - November Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Guidance for the month November 2020


Embarking on an Adventure

“I savor the wonders of the world.”


I love it when this happens: During my live online reading session last Friday, leading into the Halloween, Samhain, and Full Moon weekend, we had this card come up for general reading at the start. It followed the Wind - Activation card. Then I realize that Saturday we had the Wind – Activation card come up during my online group event as well! They were really giving us a preview of guidance to come…



Adventure is a fundamental part of each day of each life. How do you define adventure in your life? For some people the concept of adventure is something they go away to experience. They go on an adventure. They travel to an adventurous location or to have an adventurous experience. This is heightening something for them, satisfying something within, bringing them addition and expansion in their life.


When the daily life is told and recounted with the adventurous spirit, it shifts from being what might be considered drudgery by some, to being full of storylines, characters, situations, learning, and experiencing. There are those who lead themselves off into the world to escape the daily grind, others who choose to live in adventure mode all the time, and those who embrace the adventure in whatever way life brings it to them.


Each individual will approach adventure from their own perspective. The journey of soul, past lives, ancestry, childhood, energy, location, family, close contacts, and daily activities is all unique to each person. Why would any community be created to expect all to live in the same way and to see aspects from the same palette? Each plays a role that only they can play; only they can create and live. When they are embraced they can blossom in their own roles and skills. When others are encouraged to embrace the uniqueness of their neighbours and see what they provide to the whole, unity and equity are celebrated.


When one is immediately put higher than another because of location, wealth, opportunity, size, colour, gender, skills, or interests, it is the whole that is denied and suffers, even if the perception is that one rises up higher and gets “advanced”. Some of the so-called “wonders of the world” can be incredible ways to see and acknowledge history and the journey of man in the world. They can also be a way to perceive that one item or one location is immediately better or more profound than another.


Is a pyramid really more incredible than the mud and reed home a family lives in? Is a great wall really more valuable than the natural deep forest? Is a tower really more masterful than the cheetah? Is a skyscraper really more important than the bicycle used the get to town? Perception, understanding, and compassion help to comprehend value in different ways. They also help to enjoy what is fascinating about one thing without taking away from the value of another.


A family of leaders may be gifted at leading, delegating, and creating, but are they also able to grow food, clean water, build houses, and understand the dynamics of fulfilling relationships? They may have a carpenter in their family with skills others cannot replicate. Perhaps an artist that shows the world in new ways and brings colour and perspective of sight. Do they see them in these ways or are they funneled into leadership roles? This family may need to welcome in someone who can listen and mediate between the needs of the whole unit, bringing explanation and interpretation between the pieces, skills that perhaps they do not have within their own home population. And perhaps they will need to walk to get to know their neighbour who understands the land and its creatures, who creates food that lasts for generations, fills and nourishes the people as well as the natural world. Who is leading who?


Without all the others, the leaders are just a group of people standing together. They may wonder where to get their meal or how to shelter from the cold. They may not understand the resources that will help them heal if they should trip over themselves and need help. Could they learn? Certainly. Would it be as efficient as aligning with someone who has those skills, interests, and methodologies easily in their being? Probably no.


Acknowledging the adventure each is on welcomes a point of view that inspires life, expands life, allows the cycles of life to be experienced without judgement of value or expectation of skills beyond what is within, this time around. The one who climbs the mountain may be seen as a greater adventurer but are they really when compared to the one who cares for a household of partner and children? What if they were all noticed and embraced for the adventure in the way they see it and experience it, bringing their skills and sharing. The climber showing the family a view they might not otherwise see or know about, expanding imagination and understanding of the world, and the caregiver bringing nurturing, companionship, and a meal to the climber who may otherwise feel utterly alone when back among the humans.


Embarking on your adventure may be finding your next meal or it may be creating a business model that impacts millions of people. Neither presents with greater value than the other, simply different perspectives. If your business model did not go as planned, could you not find yourself in search of your next meal? If while finding your next meal, could you not have great inspiration and meet someone who helps you achieve creation and “success” never worrying about food abundance again? The distance between the adventures is not really so great when we are invited to and choose to see.


Start by seeing the wonders in your own life, however they show themselves. Allow the daily wonders to play with the dream wonders, the day-to-day adventures to bring wonders while others are created and inspired. Then expand to see the wonders in another, how they approach life, where they are skilled in ways you are not, and where they have adventures you would like to learn about or support. And when, in the event it happens, you see that someone’s wonder is being belittled or taken for granted by another’s adventure, remind people of their wonder and lead towards unique adventures that connect the whole, leaving no one behind or forgotten.


May you experience wonders of the world in all of your adventures today and all days.

May you see and feel the wonder within today and all days.


With love,



and the Great Divine, guiding with the Gateway Oracle Cards.


 I invite you to your own personal Intuitive Wisdom & Guidance Consultation experience. We will explore and enhance your adventure and wonders together.

The Gateway Oracle Cards are by Denise Linn, published by Hay House.

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