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BlueWater Oracle's online membership community bringing you a Private Facebook group, weekly oracle intuitive guidance, weekly Live videos with readings, bonuses of meditation audios & discounts, a sense of sharing, inspiration, community, and more! ...

Imagine a place where you feel safe and secure, a sanctuary where you are able to breathe, to listen to that calm whisper within, to connect with your body and your soul. Where guidance and support are flowing with magical energy, community, and connection. Where you can have quiet moments to tune in with yourself in the wonderful balance of this human life experience mixed with spirit and energy. Welcome to the Oracle Cove.

Life is a wacky adventure. I get it, I completely understand! From one day to the next we are learning and adapting to change while trying to find a good routine to live in. We get questions and unknowns that rush in and take over our minds. Things can be super heavy at times, leaving us feeling alone, unsure, and looking up with hands spread open asking “Why?” and “What do I do next?” I know, I’ve been there!

The great news I learned through it? We are not really alone at all AND there is guidance and support available at all times! So what does that mean you ask? Let me show you. Come with me to the Oracle Cove. It is a place to help you feel the guidance, the support, to receive the insights and the connection on a regular basis. And magic, yes REAL magic, each and every day. Intuitive, pure, part of us, part of the nature around us, and the greater All.

I would love to have you join us. Send me a message or an email to become a member. Through the Facebook group dimension near you, you will become a part of my online community bringing you weekly guidance, weekly live videos to answer your questions and to give mini readings for members, meditations, teaching and learning opportunities, specials on intuitive readings, and more!

Join now to start receiving your connection with intuitive wisdom & guidance each week! 

$188 CAD for the whole year (two month savings!):

You otherwise have the option to choose to register and pay the monthly rate of $18 CAD each month. You may pay for your first month here OR I can get you set up with an automatic monthly membership payment on PayPal.

Remember to send me a message or an email so I know you are joining and can welcome you to BlueWater Oracle’s Oracle Cove membership community!

I and the other members, look forward to connecting with you in the Cove,

💙 Sheila

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Join the Oracle Cove membership group:

$188 CAD for the whole year with a two-month savings:

Or pay the monthly rate of $18 CAD each month or several months at a time. 

Pay for your first month here:

I can also send up an automatic monthly membership payment on PayPal. Let me know!

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