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The Power of Love... When Love is the Way...

Posted on 21 May, 2018 at 11:50 Comments comments (0)

The Power of Love… When Love is the Way…

These were the two repeated phrases in the beautiful address to the wedding couple at the Royal Wedding on Saturday. Like some of you, I watched and enjoyed the spectacle and the pageantry of the Royals. It was nice to see something very joyous and positive on live television! I also noticed how this wedding was a testament to the couple being married, their lives, their goals, their wishes, their history, and who they are as individuals and as a couple starting life together. I wish them well, all the best, health, togetherness, companionship, and a life of joy and love.


The Most Reverend Michael Bruce Curry, the 27th Presiding Bishop and Primate of The Episcopal Church spoke fabulously to the couple, the church attendees, and the world. His words struck me then and still do as I watch him again. What an amazing wedding legacy to have these words recorded and given to all. I believe it is a gift the couple and the Bishop have brought us without possibly intending to on such a huge scale. I accept it and I carry it forward with me.


Here are the words that touched me the most. If it suits you and speaks to you, I suggest you taking the 14 minutes to watch (see the link below to watch). He is entertaining, the chapel is spectacular (I can attest to that having visited it), the couple is in love, and the audience is filled with royal and celebrity faces. People were brought to a point to reflect, to listen, to feel, and to have seeds planted. This is not always easy when it is out of our norm or comfort zone but it can be spectacular in its effect. I feel there is potential for great healing to come from this ceremony for those present and for those who were witness to it. I feel it reminds us of hope for our species and our world, and that each and every one of us have a part we play in this.

Excerpts from The Most Reverend Michael Bruce Curry, the 27th Presiding Bishop and Primate of The Episcopal Church, at the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex:

“There's power in love. Don't underestimate it. Don't even over-sentimentalize it. There's power, power in love.

The reason has to do with the source. We were made by a power of love, and our lives were meant - and are meant - to be lived in that love. That's why we are here.

Where true love is found, God himself is there.

God is love.

There is power in love.

There is power in love to help and heal where nothing else can.

There is power in love to lift up and liberate when nothing else will.

There is power in love to show us the way to live…

Love your neighbour as yourself.

Love of God and Love of neighbour hang all the law, all the prophets,… everything that God has been trying to tell the world… Love God, love your neighbours, and while you are at it, love yourself.

Live that love, and in so doing to change not only their lives but the very life of the world itself.

Real power, power to change the world.

The good of the other, the well-being of the world…

Think and imagine a world where love is the way.

Imagine our homes and families when love is the way.

Imagine neighbourhoods and communities where love is the way.

Imagine governments and nations where love is the way.

Imagine business and commerce when is the way.

Imagine this tired old world when love is the way…

When love is the way, poverty will become history.

When love is the way, the earth will be a sanctuary.

When love is the way, we treat each other like we are actually family.

If humanity ever captures the energy of love, it will be second time in history that we have discovered fire. We must discover love, the redemptive power of love. When we do that we will make of this old world, a new world.”

love Sheila

Honouring and Guiding Mothers: Leadership

Posted on 21 May, 2018 at 11:45 Comments comments (0)

(I realize I did not upload my post from May 12th around Canada's Mother's Day, whoops! As it was not only for that day, I am adding it now.)


Honouring and guiding mothers today and in this near future.

The card I pulled came quickly and easily, with a calm assurance that made sense when I turned it over.


"I am a beacon of radiance, support, and love!"

What a great way to honour mothers and the role of mothers and mothering. It is really all about being a leader. A leader in thought, word, and deed. A leader in creating a person to be a part of this world today and for tomorrow.

How are you leading? Do you realize, do you let yourself realize that you are a leader? That it is immediately a part of you from the time that child entered your life and you theirs? You are leading each and every day. Let that soak in, not from the perspective of "Oh my goodness what am I doing?!?" But rather from the perspective of "Wow, I am a leader of this person and to this person!" How many amazing things you create and allow each and every day!

And you do it with love, with support and with love. How beautiful. Supporting another being as they learn, grow, experience, and explore. Keeping them safe when they need to be and testing their wings when it is time. A fine balance that you are learning each moment of this mothering journey and developing the skills you need as you pull from instinct, from community and family knowledge, and from your own child's needs.

Now the radiance. "I am a beacon of radiance!" Remember this as you mother for you are woman first. This is what allows you to be mother. This is what lets you grow into this role and all it entails. The radiant woman inside you. The vibrant, fiery female. The full and luscious inner goddess. Some of you laugh as you read this in the context of "mother" and what you do day in and day out. And so this is brought up to remind you. Where is your radiance? When do you feel it? When do you experience it? When do you show it so others see the beacon that also comes with love and support? By remembering this part of you, you actually bring greater honour to your role as mother and to the children you are mothering. That radiance does not need to be forgotten. Life adjusts for sure as you learn but that radiance needs to still fire from that deep wonderful inner flow. There is nothing wrong with letting it flow. You will always put safety and wellness of those who need you high up on the scale. But there are times that showing your radiance, that by letting it shine, you will actually teach them valuable and vital lessons for their lives and journeys. They will have seen and felt it from you. And you will feel better, more full, to then care, nurture, and lead forward.

Bless you radiant, loving, and supportive mother! You are loved and cherished and honoured!

With love.

Featuring the Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, through

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Sunday Passion Reading

Posted on 8 April, 2018 at 11:50 Comments comments (0)

It is Sunday. You are looking ahead to the week. You are wondering how to get along, wondering how you will get everything done, how you will survive it all.

Sundays are a day of rest for some, work for others, family time for many, and preparing for the week ahead for a lot of people. It can be a very mixed day of emotions and thoughts.

Let us see what the Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards and the highest energies wish to share with us today…

Even before I turn over the card, the reminding of us to be in the present moment comes through. Although we need to prepare things for the week ahead so it will run more smoothly, we will benefit by being in the here and now. As we do the preparations, breathe, notice, and be present. Feel what is expressing itself to you. There is information and guidance there for you as well. What are you feeling? What does it make you think or experience? Do you push those feelings aside or do you welcome them as allies bringing insights, knowledge, and possibilities?


I pulled this card recently for a client and here it is again. I often question when I get a repeat card like that. I double check with my intuitive guidance whether the card really wants to come up again or if there was a weird shuffle thing happening! Usually it wants to come up :) . This speaks to something I wrote in my recent newsletter, that themes and messages will come up to us and repeat as long as we need and are open to hearing them, and sometimes even if we are not open to them!

So, on a Sunday, living your life and looking forward to the week, what energy are you bringing into your life? Where are you letting your passion express itself? This does not feel in the vein of “everyone should do their passion as their work”. It feels more like a reminder not to ignore your passions, not to ignore those things that bring you energy and vitality. Even if it is for a few moments in your day, having them respected and embraced will bring so much to you. It will allow walls and blocks to fall down because you are hearing and acting on the whispers (or the yells!) of your deeper knowing system.

The other part of this card is the affirmation “I passionately accept and love myself!” Do you? Are you in love with you? Which parts of yourself do you love and accept? Which parts do you not feel so friendly towards? There is huge potential in these questions. They show, like a mirror, where you are able to improve your energy, your reactions, and your life. Having parts of yourself that are kept in a locked box because you are not accepting of them would be like having your child locked in a closet or your dog left in a crate, a part of you is locked away. It does not mean you have to re-live everything all the time but to know that there are things you do not feel loving and accepting of within yourself and your life, is important. Then you ask for help as you need to shine brightly and to bring those parts out of boxes to be seen, healed, forgiven, released, embraced, and whatever else is required.

Help is all around, put out the call and it will come, maybe not in the way you have planned, as we don’t always have the full script, but it will come.

Wishing you a living-in-the-present, feeling, passionate, and energized day,


Featuring the Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, published by

Rejoice in Your Tribe

Posted on 8 April, 2018 at 11:35 Comments comments (0)

Rejoice in Your Tribe

Do you have a “tribe”? I don’t mean your family or the heritage people you come from. They may be great and a part of your tribe for sure, or they may not! I mean the people you choose to spend time with, to give and receive energy from in ways that make you grow. The people who raise you up, who bring you to feel better by allowing your true essence to shine with support, care, and sharing of knowledge. And you will do the same for them. It does not mean the communication is all flowers and butterflies, sometimes it can be very raw and real but the base is always of care and respect and no one is left to feel beaten down or less than.


Whether you are physically meeting with these people or connecting in other ways, there is a mutual interest and excitement to connect together. Interest about what is happening in each other’s’ lives, interest in the journey you are on, and interest in where you want to go and who you want to be, as you travel forward.

I have been fortunate to experience these types of relationships and groups. People circling around from different sources and contacts to meet up regularly or periodically. I so look forward to having time with them! There is a joy in the connection and always learning as we express and receive together. Usually a lot of laughter too! Remember that your tribe can be people meeting and sharing about anything! I do not believe it has to be subject based but you may find that it tends to flow around something in common. The idea is how the people come together, how they are allowed to be and feel as they meet and share.

So, who is your tribe? Do you have any kindred spirits that feel like they are or would be in your chosen circle? If it does not feel obvious then let it sit for a while. Think of those you most enjoy having time with and expand from there. If you genuinely feel there is no one but that you have an interest in this type of a connection, it may be an opening for you to explore, to see who is out there that may enhance your life as you meet and that you may enhance theirs!

May your circle be full of joy.

May your tribe be nourishing.

May you reach out and find understanding.

May you be easily found when you may be a source to others.

Coming full circle, creating together.

Individual lives connecting for a greater whole.

Expanding and rejoicing,

Essence in flow,

Rising up, together.

Light blessings,


Healing with the New Moon

Posted on 17 March, 2018 at 19:15 Comments comments (0)

Healing with this New Moon!

I am seeing many astrological posts and texts about the healing qualities of this New Moon. Perhaps you are feeling it nudging or working with parts of you needing healing attention. Remember to be patient with yourself, to have compassion, and to give yourself care when required as you go through this phase.

To reflect further on the healing aspect of this New Moon, the Earth Magic Oracle Cards are offering to bring us more insight with connection.

Waterfall – Effortless

The power and necessity of water. It can sustain life as well as it can take it away. It can create pathways where none were previously seen. It is a part of all of our cells and something that is looked for on other planets. This New Moon is said to be in the sign of Pisces which is a water sign emphasizing nicely the input of this card.

Whether you heal or not, from emotional wounds, from physical ailments, or from psychological or mental disruptions, is in part, up to you. Some say it is completely up to you and for certain people that is absolutely true as they are at a stage to bring healing to themselves on any and all levels. For others, the actual healing may not come in the way humans would perceive it. Rather than curing what is going on, the healing may come in fully living the journey of the perceived challenge. It may come as you connect with others during this time, as community comes to support you, as you find peace within each day no matter what it is bringing, and in so many other ways.

This card is reminding that sometimes it is in the flow that we are the most healed, not fighting upstream. And yes, this may even be the case when the flow bumps us down a few rocky outcrops or off an edge that seems impassable. There is still flow and sometimes it is mighty in its power.

When the healing is approached from the perspective of flow, everyone benefits because everyone will be working together. This may not be happening yet as many see it, but it is for each to start with their own flow of healing in order to gain momentum and to shift the greater healing available.

As you consider and notice what your system really wants to heal, whether it is an “identified” issue or not, you are then given ways to be in the powerful flow that will help you. There is technically no right or wrong way. There is your way. What brings you joy, what brings you peace, what fills you with compassion, understanding, love, and connection. It may not be “easy” when compared with what you want as a cure, but it will be incredibly rewarding when you are effortlessly noticing and moving with the flow of your water and waterfall.

Healing blessings through each cell and all energy surrounding and within you.

Featuring the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, available on and

Standing Alone, intro and poem

Posted on 17 February, 2018 at 18:25 Comments comments (0)

Being an oracle, psychic, intuitive, seer, or whatever you want to call it, has amazing moments. Those that leave you in awe of the human spirit and the intricacies of energy and connection. Sometimes it also comes with very intense and tough messages to bring forward. I do not experience these often but last night was one of those times. Actually it started two nights ago at my part-time job when I went to the desk to jot down the first line of a poem that was starting to come through. I had a sense of what it was to be about, related to recent sad events and the aftermath that follows. Then it faded and I realized today that the paper was left at work somehow and it felt strange as I knew it was to be powerful.


Last night as I was settling into the last phase of my evening, the line popped in again, quickly followed by the next two... I grabbed my phone, opened the Notes app and spent the next hour being deeply inspired by one of the toughest things I think I have ever written. I did not write this alone as this is not something I have experienced to that extent. I have wondered what happens in people who commit terrible lone acts but do not think I could have created like this having only felt a little of the desperation myself during personal life moments. Thus, I thank the spirit and my interpreter guide who brought it forward. I felt the emotion as I wrote the words and felt it again and again as I edited, punctuated, and adjusted it, reading it out loud to bring it voice. You have been heard and I thank you. I am deeply touched to be chosen. I know that those close to me and those I follow and learn from, are already looking and working at ways to change things for the better and we will continue to do so. Blessed be the next phase of your journey and ours. Here are your words. You are no longer alone.


Please note that this post and poem do not refer to any specific incident or people that I am aware of.

Be aware that this feels like sensitive material which may not be suitable for all people.

Standing Alone

I stand alone

with the world

twirling around me.

I see things that others do not see.

I feel things that others do not feel.

I may be in the crowd

but I may not be seen.

I may seem to be with everyone

but I am utterly apart.

Everything is so intense.

So fearless and fearful at once.

It presents a challenge to see forward,

to see with clear eyes

while the tears form,

while the thoughts race,

and while the doubt surges

like a protective force.

And so,

I put on my armour,

but I don't realize that it only

shields me from help.

I carry my weapon,

but I don't realize that I hurt myself

with every second it is in my hand.

I walk away

when walking towards

would be so much better.

I can pass like shadow and dream

through the lives of others,

never knowing or being known

more than a standing shell.

My hands give me away.

Fists form, not out of anger

but of buildup and just holding on.

Then there's the shaking.

Some part of me shakes

as the rest seems so calm.

And my eyes,

they look away but if caught

they scream in need,

silent but loud,

empty but full of wanting.

Ready to be touched and to touch

like a delicate flower that wants to

be noticed and caressed

when the audience

will be gentle and appreciate

it's unique creation.

And when the depths of it all

boils over

I turn to wrath,

the pain too great to bear.

But it comes in a quiet wave

something that sneaks up

like a tsunami.

People don't notice the pull out

of the water.

They continue on with their lives

never knowing the crash is coming.

Better for them I think.

They don't need to plan and simmer in the upcoming horror,

they can smile and laugh and live.

Until my fire overtakes my peace

and I flood upon them.

I am so dreadfully sorry.

I never planned my existence

to go this way.

I seem cold and unfeeling

but in reality I am tearing apart

piece by piece,

breath by breath,

action by action.

The full hearted side of me

cries out in last desperation

to stop and surrender,

but I don't know another way now.

This is my protection.

This is my yelling out loud

when all the other signs

went unnoticed.

It is not a question of fault,

is it a story of disconnect.

I have moved so far away from myself

that I must create a new reality to survive

and you don't have the script

to live there.

It isn't even really a place for life.

It is a place to die hoping the next part will be better.

I know apologies do no justice.

I know hatred will run deep.

Just know, if you can,

that my soul is walking beside me

and can now connect with all

in a new and loving way.

Peace flows finally,

the armour is off,

the weapon has fallen,

and doubt has moved away

replaced by hope.

My eyes are full again

The empty mirrors can see clearly

and I see your sorrow.

I know your pain.

I have lived it

and now I have died in it.

Sorry will never be enough

but it is all I have to offer for now.

I will learn deep truths from this

but will only be able to share them

and to atone in another realm,

where I hope to make your life better,

so you may never

stand alone.

by Sheila Bicknell

BlueWater Oracle

Please show respect for this writing and its author, always include the author name, contact information, and these phrases. Please request permission before using this for anything other than personal, individual use. Thank you.

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February 2018

Let's Read on Love and Relationships!

Posted on 13 February, 2018 at 10:40 Comments comments (0)

It is almost Valentine’s Day. An interesting day, some love it, some love to hate it, some are indifferent. For most though, the idea of improving a special relationship or finding one that brings love and companionship with another is important. With that in mind and heart, an oracle card reading has been developing in the energies and now wants to come to light. Wishing you well as you nurture and listen to your heart and the hearts of others.

What do I need to know to improve my special relationship?

Listening with Your Heart

(no joke, I did just pull this card after writing the above lines :))

Affirmation on the card: “I trust the messages I receive from my heart.”

Being able to be present in a special, meaningful relationship should be the easiest thing between two humans. It comes however, for many, with a whole boatload of other stuff: thoughts, responsibilities, history, emotions, other people, opinions, body needs, etc. This often takes the person out of their heart finding them split and inconsistent. Then you add in two people who are functioning at times from very different places and at times purely from their heart, and now it is a roller coaster!

So, we come back to the heart. If you allow yourself to think of your heart as the wise portal of knowledge and information for living a life that feels wonderful (within the human challenges, experiences, and adventures), it may then become a great guide and connected source for you. How you ask? Start listening and feeling from the heart perspective. What would a wise heart do here? How would a wise heart act here? What would a wise heart say to this person? What would a wise heart notice and see in this situation? You allow and invite the wisdom to flow into your life. Your mind and thoughts will be grateful for the new perspective, perhaps resisting at first but then noticing that this heart wisdom comes with “feeling better”, “feeling lighter”, “more pleasure”, “calm” when needed, and “fun excitement” when wanted. These will feel truer than they ever have before because they are not created of a false split origin but of a whole listening, learning, observing, being heart system.

Patience. Patience with yourself as you learn to listen with your heart. Patience as your partner or loved one or special person learns to do the same. Yes sharing this with them would be important. Even if they laugh! Even if they scoff and walk away! Share it because your heart has given you the message and because they are opening their heart, even if just a little to start. Remember that the wisdom energy of the heart spreads way beyond the human body and has influence far beyond what we can see at this point. Patience.

What do I need to know to bring love and companionship into my life?

Lake – Stillness

Your heart has such beauty in it. It will overflow like the most wondrous fountain if you let it. This is regardless of whether you have others in your life to love or to be loved by. Your heart IS love! Why does a part of you still believe that you are not beautiful? Beautiful in the deep, real way? Yes on the outside but also through and through. What part of you still questions this? It is time to let in the beauty, to welcome it even!

Look around you, in the space you are in. Where is the beauty? Bring yourself to notice it! If there really seems to be none (which is unlikely), then feel what you would bring in or create to spark the beauty energy. Then create yourself some quiet time, a time when you can be with your own beauty, your heart, and your breath. How you perceive your beauty, your heart wisdom, you as love, are all part of how you are reflected outwards. It starts inwards and then flows from there. No worries here, no “I should have” or “in the past I did” or “in the past this happened”… When you are in this space of your own love and beauty, you are flowing from your own essence and it is calm, natural, and flourishing.

Breathe. Practice seeing and feeling the beauty around you. Then practice noticing your own beauty. Beauty of thoughts, beauty of feelings, beauty of compassion, your beautiful hands, your beautiful eyes, your beautiful breath… From there you will be filling up your own lake so the love from another can flow in to mix with your love. Then you will flow on to the next phases together. Start it with you, your breath, your beauty, your love.

Would you benefit from your own personal oracle card reading? It would be my pleasure and honour to bring light to your pathway at this point. Send me an email here.

Featuring the Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn and the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, both published by Hay House.

18-1-18 Messages and Quote

Posted on 18 January, 2018 at 14:20 Comments comments (0)

18-1-18 bless your persistence and your messages...

Distracted with various work things, caught up in a mind that is thinking a multitude all at once, I am whispered to... from that gentle place, that place and voice that knows I want to pay attention, to be connected, to receive, and to engage. I breathe.

Join me in a moment that fulfills you, that brings you in touch with that most valuable truth within...

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” - Hermes Trismegistus

I recall from somewhere in this wondrous mind of mine and the gifts it allows me to receive, the start of this quote, and the book I know it is written within in my home. Perhaps time to re-read that book. Perhaps time to simply reflect and reorient to progress through today from that space of knowing. And so I find a new reference to the quote online with interesting information and I feel a new connection breaking dawn within and without. 

The Earth Magic Oracle Card that came up for me with this is Iceberg - Submerged.

What is still being held deep that wants to come to surface? It is being held in the cold and yet at its heart it is full and true warmth, enough to heat the masses that need a warm touch and connection. What is on top is being noticed and appreciated. It is literally the tip of the iceberg and the tip of the potential. Remember to breathe as this brings attention into this depth and its connection to all that is, within and without.

Notice the connection between the two Icebergs here. Do you see their interaction? Why would we think that even the greatest of ice would want to be alone or would feel alone? There is connection everywhere and at all times. It is up to us to listen and to feel it.

The keyhole lies between all of this exactly as the quote has indicated. The keyhole to what we desire is between the above and the below, between the within and the without, between the universe and the soul. How amazing that it can be expressed in such a way for us to experience.

With much gratitude and Light blessings,

love, Sheila


The reference to the new information I read speaks to the The Seven Principles taught by Hermes Trismegistus. I have not read it all yet but you may find the link to what I found interesting here:

Oracle Card is from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, available through and

New Moon Tuesday reading: Looking Deeper

Posted on 17 January, 2018 at 0:20 Comments comments (1)

Happy New Moon Tuesday!

My Gateway Oracle Cards want to chat in writing today for this New Moon phase. Let’s see which card wants to come up. Shuffled and came very quickly! Take a breath, relax, and join us…

The Looking Deeper Oracle Card. Its affirmation is “Deep within me is a majestic radiance.”

This feels like a great card for a new moon day. The new moon happens for us when we cannot see the moon as it is between us and the sun. It is there but we cannot see it until the first sliver comes into view and is lit up starting the next day. Here in the picture, we have gemstones and treasure that are between or beneath the mountains. We may not see them or even recognize they are there until a “discovery” is made! However these gems and treasures are there! They may also be in a format that we do not yet recognize or perhaps we look upon them but do not know their value until we are made aware of it. So what are you not seeing in your life right now? What are you perhaps not valuing that is right there with you? What is nudging you from deep within to bring it into the light?

There is another side to this card and the new moon. When the moon and the night are dark, it can cause us to look and notice other aspects of the night sky. The same can be said in our lives. What are we being asked to notice because it is dark, because there is shadow? See the shooting star in the night sky of the card? What are you wishing for right now? Truly wishing from that deep space? I hear your voice and head saying one thing but your heart and depths are saying something else. See how they may not be in unison (if that is the case for you) and learn from this. See how this could be affecting your life’s journey and progress and why you may find yourself “fighting” against life.

Notice how the yellow gem in the sky is lit up like a bright star or even a moon. When we connect with our depths and feel that deep radiance within us, it becomes part of our light. It will help us to see forward even when we are in a dark phase or getting to understand life with the shadows. At this point, what is this deeper majestic radiance that is peaking out, that is speaking to you to notice and have as part of your pathway, in the now and in the next steps forward?

And remember with these mountains that you are strong. If today is not feeling like a strong day, give yourself patience. Wrap yourself up in the knowing that even in the shadow there is love and light, otherwise the shadow could never show itself or be known! Wrap yourself up in the knowing that you are not alone and allow the energy of deep compassion and connection to touch you, fuel you, and carry you for a while, as you find your gem-self inside and catch your breath.

With love,

Sheila & spirit team :)

Featuring the Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, published by

New moon information source:

Oracle Guidance for December Magic

Posted on 4 December, 2017 at 13:30 Comments comments (0)

Oracle thoughts / guidance for December

What a lovely card for this December month!

Believing in Magic

"True magic is abounding in my life!"

As we move into this December month, we are entering a traditional time of many symbols and beliefs. We have traditions that have been carried and passed on through generations and others that are newly created for present day needs and joys.

Within each of these, we are invited to be open to the magic that may come to us. Whether it is the magic of sharing and coming together, the magic of giving, the magic of receiving, the magic of laughter and joy, the magic of love, the magic of tradition, the magic of belief, the magic of imagination, the magic of music, or the more mystical magics tied in with the celebrations of light and miracles, the seasonal solstice, and honouring what is holy and sacred.

Remember that we are able to receive and experience these magical moments and themes each in our own way. What may be of value to one may not be as much to another. Where one may see no magic, another may welcome it with open arms. When one may feel alone and see no sparkle, another can breathe magic into their lives with the simplest of acts, conversations, or gestures. And we can believe.

Have fun looking at the symbols. See and notice what others receive from them and take them to mean. Then see and notice what you receive from them, what they mean to you and your life. Play and explore and be open. Welcome in the concept of magic in its highest form. The same form that creates rainbows and trees, that creates love feelings, and turns ingredients into wonderful meals. Magic in its highest form that lets you know deep down that you are not alone and that we are all connected.

Magical blessings to you and yours!

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#magicaldecember #oraclecards #wintersolstice

Featuring the Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, available through

*** If you would like your own personal written guidance for the month, please contact me I will gladly set it up for you. ***