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October Guidance Reading - Starting Fresh!

Posted on October 3, 2019 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (0)

October guidance for the month - BlueWater Oracle 2019

As we sit here on the third day of October 2019, the initial switch into the season has calmed. Many are still feeling certain intensities in their personal lives as well as in the world as a whole. In each moment we are invited to notice what we are doing, acting, thinking, and feeling that is helping us with all this and what is not helping us. There are numerous degrees and levels involved and one is asked to be aware of judgement based on perception or “shoulds”. Seek understanding for yourself, have compassion, reach out to community, and request assistance as you require. It is a journey and we do not always seem to have a clear map because the map is sometimes being written as we walk and talk! Feel gratitude for your blessings and magical moments, small and large. Beauty and miracles are often in the eye of the beholder and more often in the eye of the one who notices.

Starting Fresh

“A wonderful new beginning is blossoming in my life.”

The seasons will come and go as do the hours and the days. The years will come and go as well. For many this concept is a tough one and it can feel as though it adds to a load of the human experience. Here, we would like to offer you another perspective. With this card, the circle and intertwined & opposing balance image, we would like you to feel you are connected with it all, with all aspects of the world, time, the days & seasons, and your life. This is not to add pressure to you, not at all. It is actually to take away pressure. In a super simplistic way of looking at things, it could be “I am one with time and the world. I am one with the tree and the wind. I am one with other people. I am one with life. I am one with myself. And everything is going to be alright.” We get it though… this often creates a “Really?!?” or a doubtful laughter response instead of being reassuring.

This is the joy of reflection and perspectives. Sometimes they are super easy to wrap your mind around and at other times they make you stop and stare. Internally, they ask you to wonder and to see if you can shift a bit or a lot. They ask you to see if you heart has another idea that could be useful for you, to guide and support you. But ultimately, you breathe until you don’t breathe. As intensely complex and as completely simple as that. The human stuff are things that can be experienced and can find solutions to as much and as little as humans tend to do. What we are bringing up here, with this beautiful image on this card, is the concept that when you feel connected and in balance, everything else is a little easier to fathom and to live with & through.

Does that make any sense? Does it bring up big reactions? That’s okay too! You are allowed to experience and to react. You are allowed to reflect, to ponder, and to shift. Just remember to breathe as you are doing it so that on some level you feel your connection to yourself and to the world around you.


With that deep and big stuff out of the way (ha!), let’s lighten up and look at this from a wonderful action point of view. “Starting Fresh” and “A wonderful new beginning is blossoming in my life.” Last month the guidance card was “Planting Seeds”! Whether you have planted seeds consciously or not, you are here now and the opportunity for starting fresh and having wonderful new beginnings is here for you.

This starting fresh and these new beginnings can be as simple as waking, stretching, and taking a few deep breaths. That is the start of a new day for you! It could be choosing to bring something completely new into your life. It could also be to allow yourself and to bring yourself to practice having a new outlook so that you see the blossoming flower, you see the unique snowflake, you feel in balance, and you feel the connection as it best speaks to you. Do you see how absolutely amazing this is? While the part of your brain that doubts may be saying “Well, nothing can really change” or “This is too big or too deep to change” or “I can’t see how to start anything over” or any other statements like that… there is another part of you that knows and feels that each moment is amazing. Each moment has growth, each moment has experience, each moment has connection, and each moment has breath. The rest is dialogue in the story, it comes and goes, it is light or deep, it is easy or challenging. But the amazing stuff is always there because it is you.

This is a huge time for many in the world. If it feels too big and too much for you, then bring it into a smaller bite and a closer vision. Think of the hummingbird in the picture. It is generally considered a tiny bird! And yet its skill at flying is incredible. The impressiveness most humans will feel at seeing the wonder that is a hummingbird is huge. What does the hummingbird see and feel? Well you may not know for sure, but we bet you could imagine that they do not see the whole world in their view. They see the next flower, the family member, the neighbour, the tree nearby, the water. They notice the sunlight, the clouds, the moon, the rain, and the stars from their perspective. Do they wonder at it all? We believe they do but done in such a way that allows them to keep going with their tasks. They feel the connection in every breath as you do. With every beat of the heart and the wings. With the sweetness of nectar and the breezes they work with. And if anyone has ever come face to face with one, could you not believe they feel joy?

Do you feel joy? What is in your vision as you fly around in your day? What is your vision for your next day? Keep it small as you need to or big as you want to. Starting fresh with each breath and from there with each human experience you wish to notice and to create.

Land yourself on a flower today and just be. Maybe it smells wonderful. Maybe you are hungry and get a snack, enjoying each bite. Maybe you are thirsty and get a drink, cherishing all it brings to you. Maybe you smile as something or someone brings you joy. Maybe that joy comes from within today and maybe, just maybe, that is a new beginning in itself.

Do not get lost in the potential. Be in your now and bring vision from there. And breathe, remember to breathe.

With deep and incredibly flowing love,


and divine guiding wisdom with help from the Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn ( published).

Planting Seeds: Learn from the Past, Live in the Present, Look to the Future - September Guidance

Posted on September 3, 2019 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (3)

Guidance for the month of September 2019

Planting Seeds

“Seeds of grace are being planted in the fertile soil of my soul.”

As we move into this next third of the year, we are being reminded to live in the present, learn from the past, and look to the future.

The past that each person has experienced is a strong thing. It can sit in the ground and weigh you down if you are not aware of it. It can keep your emotions in a holding pattern if you do not see what is then and what is now. It can be an incredible teacher and builder if you allow it to be so or it can be the source of high walls and restrictions if you allow it to be so.

When people forget important lessons from the past, they will often find themselves living it again. This is the same for individuals as it is for nations. What are lessons you have learned in your life that you carry forward in your big book of experience? Are there some that you are repeating because you forgot or to gain more insights and to further expand your knowledge and understanding? Gaining knowledge, insights, and understanding are the most powerful things when you add them to the lessons and experiences you already have. Using all this together is like having your own encyclopedia. The intuitive part leads you to turn to the most helpful page in the moment and the unexpected part is where you are still writing and creating. This latter section might be written already but it will seem like invisible ink until you rediscover it. And then there will be moments of “Oh yes! That makes sense.”

Living only in the past puts blinders and shades on so that the current lessons, experiences, joys, and creations, are so much harder to gain and to be a part of. The fog is thick and the feelings are heavy. For those who feel they have been living in the fog, where life is so heavy you cannot notice the joys in the day to day, allow this moment to show you whether you are living too much in your past and not breathing life into your present. Let the fog clear a little today. Let the feelings bring you joy and wonder too, in the smallest things to start.


Planting seeds is where the balance between living in the present and looking to the future meets beautifully. It allows you to notice the incredible tree you are standing under. To enjoy the birdsong and the colours of the feathers of the bird on the fence. To see the variety of flowers and growth in the grass, in the field, and in the forest. It allows you to feel the warmth and light on your face and body. From this living in the present moment, you gain vision for what you are creating and what your story is inspiring you to be. You realize you have the option to plant seeds for that right now and in every moment moving forward. This creative vision does not have to be a big movie scene script of changing the world, but it could be! Perhaps it is the vision of allowing your children to find their paths and passion as they live and learn today. How you bring that about is part of your vision. Perhaps it is writing ideas as they come to you while you walk each day to and from work. They may be the book you feel or the concepts you present to a town council to express and improve.

Are you planting seeds today? Is your soil fertile enough to hear the whispers that become the seeds you envision? Ahhh, some people reading this are in full “YES!” mode… their soil is tended regularly. They have space and nourishment to receive. They are in the moment and creating forward. Enjoy! Have fun! Keep it up! Inspire others!

Now for some others reading this, their soil is more of a “_?_ ”. Yes, it is more of a flat empty question than a garden or field to plant in and tend. There is no judgement here, it is just what it is if this resonates and speaks to you. Remember you are invited to learn through your experience as you live in your now. Take a couple of gentle but full breaths. Really let yourself breathe into this moment... Look around you. Look around you and notice things in your surroundings that you love and appreciate. It could be anything, a favourite mug, a picture of family, a tree, a candle, a blanket… anything. This is to bring you into your here and now. Breathe and just be for a moment.

Next, let your imagination soar, come on, just play, you are safe and supported… imagine you are the botanical gardens in the making! There are already some plants and trees around. They are beautiful and they bring you joy and good energy. You are now in the main garden area. It needs some nourishing and tending to allow the garden to flourish and for whatever will be planted to grow into amazing things. As you stand in this garden area, what are the two most important things you need to do to fertilize your soil today? What do you most need in order to wake up the essence of your garden, to welcome in the seeds, and let your soul feel grace and wonder as it lives each day and plants forward? These are important for you. Nourish yourself and your garden so your day to day feels fuller from a good and cared for perspective. Then the planting seeds will be easier and more satisfying. It won’t feel like running in a circle of walls anymore.

There is no time limit to planting seeds in your life. There is no point where living in the here and now cannot feel joyous as well as living the experiences life has for you, the challenging ones and the wondrous ones. With that, stand in your garden, tend to it, and see the vision when you look forward. The seeds are there, ready to be planted. You are not too late, never too late.

Wishing you a September nourished by your soul and your life.

With love,


with assistance of divine infinite wisdom and the Gateway Oracle Cards (by Denise Linn,

Your story, creative, and magic - August guidance reading

Posted on August 3, 2019 at 7:00 AM Comments comments (2)

Oracle Intuitive Guidance for August 2019


This month’s guidance card comes from the Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn. It felt quite surprising and also quite important that it would come from this deck (of course all the decks are important! This one just has a different power feel for me). It is all interconnected with the big July month that many experienced plus the 8-8 date in August which has some serious magic energy in it!


It feels like this card has card come up a few times over the last few months so very interesting that it comes up again to guide us. It is a beautiful, fascinating, and deep card as many are in this deck. Let’s go into it.

Through the month of July there has been a great opportunity to delve into what is working and what is not working in life. It has been an opportunity to see where you have been a bit stuck in the mud and to see where you were rising up towards the light. The chances for this are of course, never done! You have the chance and the choice to continue that part of your journey always. Each person is unique in how they get to different aspects of life and when. And then certain energies of the planets, the moon, the sun, and what is happening here on Earth also play into it.

What is the story you have been telling yourself about your life that just does not ring true anymore. This could be about life in general or a very specific part of your life. It will come to many of you pretty quickly, not necessarily requiring a lot of deep thought and reflection. That is what it is now time to edit and reframe within your story. Use the flames in the centre of this picture to burn up what is not fitting anymore (burning figuratively, or if you use paper and safely burn it). The flames connect with you on a very deep level. You know, that part of you that whispers and knows stuff about you and your life that other parts of you sometimes (or often) ignore.

You have way more power than you think you do to make changes and improvements in your life. When you sit and zone out, you are just trying to survive, just trying to get by. But when you connect in and notice things, feel things, embrace life, you are working at a level that gives you choice and opportunity. The more people who engage in this, the more there will be options to progress and change as a united whole.

See those wonderful colours in the sky? See those sparkling stars? These are the magical parts of life, the mystical aspects. These are the concepts of manifesting and creating. Do you believe in any of this? If yes, then see where your day to day living is expressing that belief. And see where your day to day living is completely separate from any creative magic. It starts with one decision to notice and to act with some belief.

For those who do not believe, for those who do not see their lives with any kind of magic, manifesting capacity, or creative energy… first, they are probably not reading this  … but if they are, welcome! (or those needing a refresher, welcome!) Good for you! Opening to possibilities is an amazing step! You are engaging with the story of your life, not being run over by it. Now, look at your life. Pick one area you would like to improve in your life, something you would like to be better or to feel better. Got it? Great. As your energy is with that area to improve, let your mind wander… let imagination play… and jot down whatever comes to you around improving that area of your life. Anything and everything, write it down or doodle the image that comes to you, the idea. Maybe it doesn’t make sense, maybe it doesn’t seem possible, that is not what is important right now. What is important is that you are allowing your whole system to communicate with you and to find possibilities. These words, ideas, and symbols should feel good as they come to you. They may scare you in the sense of “What the?” or “How would that work?” but they should not feel judgemental or critical. Those would more be your mind in a usual pattern and not seeing the way forward. Thank your brain for being the ever present protector and let it know you are getting ideas, you are playing in magical avenues and creative veins right now. Do this for any area of life, small or large, simple or challenging, expected or unexpected, that you would like to improve. Creative flow. Just let it flow. This is like the brainstorming that can happen when an author starts to get a story together, the characters, certain scenes, certain themes, location, time, etc. It just all flows out and then structure and design comes later.

And now, breathe… look into the fire… see its flowing colours and shapes, feel its heat. What do you love? What do you really love? This is asking you to really identify in your life, what you love. Maybe it is people or things. Maybe it is a place or an activity. Maybe multiples of all of these. Let yourself realize and know what you love. Let yourself feel it. As if you are sitting in your favourite spot in the world (experienced or imagined), with the type of fire you enjoy, sitting in a way you feel so completely you, feeling the air you long to feel, seeing the view that vibrates into your being, and with the water that best represents your joy (stream, lake, pool, waterfall, iceberg, glass of water…;), and then you feel love. Deep and amazing love.

You are complete in this space and time. You are feeling love and holding it in this moment. You are the teller of your story and you are the one living your story. Make it the one that is your truest You right now. It is not about big and bold, although that is great too, it is about true and You. Light yourself up and let the real magic of your essence be present in your life whenever and wherever you want and you can. Bringing out the garbage can be a magical experience, hearing the birds, being grateful for the care of the town, thankful for the products you used, knowing how you want to improve life as you walk to the bin, smiling as you see the sky and the trees, feeling the joy of the child’s laughter nearby…

You are the highlight of your life, the spotlight and the star. Why not enjoy some of it? Create and be present in your story while you manifest your next chapter. Your footprints in the sand are so incredibly valuable and unique. Only you can create them and they tell your story on this beautiful beach.

with love,



with creative support and guidance of the Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, published by and available through


Lotus Flower - Unfolding - Inner Knowing - July Guidance

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July Oracle Intuitive Guidance Reading 2019

Lotus Flower – Unfoldment

With the New Moon and a Total Solar Eclipse starting this month (July 2nd) it certainly feels like it is coming in full force. It already had that feeling as of the Solstice which started the change of season to Summer where I am in the North. The shift from June’s Iceberg – Submerged card into this one makes sense that it would feel very different.

Take a moment to look at this card, at this beautiful message bringer. The colours, the images, the flow of it. What first came to you as you saw this card and its words? You have been asking yourself questions and wondering, even worrying about certain things, and when you saw this card, you were instantly filled with a sense of knowing. Perhaps it didn’t solve everything or bring you all the answers but it certainly felt different.

You have this inner knowing that plays with you and in you all the time. Sometimes you are very engaged with it and hear it well. Other times it is a more of a mystery and something you feel you seek. Stop beating yourself up over whether you listen to your intuitive nature and guidance or not. If it is something you love to learn about, explore, and develop, then go for it! If it is a something that you enjoy when it pops in but you are not sure you want to “utilize” it more, then that can be fine for you for now. There may be moments up ahead where you sense and come to understand that it is becoming more important for you to play and learn with your intuition, with your inner knowing. You can choose to engage more at that time.

When you have that inner knowing, that clarity that comes from deep within, give yourself the opportunity to listen and really hear what it is guiding you about. It might be knowledge, it might be direction, it might be joy, it might be love, it might be actions, it might be passion, and it might be to bring your sunhat. Yes it has daily work in your life as well as big life decisions work. Why would it be present for one but not the other? Bring it in for the daily small things, enjoy it, play with it, receive with it, and experience your life with this inner knowing, with your intuitive nature, each day. And then when and where there are what seem like vital decisions to make, you are more equipped with this extra tool at your disposal. Some say it is your first tool, your first sense, something that has always been there. Some say it is your sixth sense, a new-age one. You choose, it is yours after all.

Now we are in the “Unfolding”… this new season phase came in with a lot of talk through me and my readings about your “vision”, setting visions, creating your horizon… With this card for this month, it is a reminder that your vision stems from the unfolding of you. Like a package that has been neatly wrapped and put together like origami, you are such an amazing gift. You have parts that blossom at different moments in your life. Sometimes you do not see how each petal will come together. Sometimes you do not see how the clouds will make way for the light and the nurturing to take hold. Sometimes the mud feels very dense indeed and you cannot see how you will make your way up through it. But you have the petals already in you, you have the capacity to be nurtured, you have the support to make it through the mud.

Your vision comes through with all of these components of your journey. Your vision is a part of you as much as that blossom is already a part of you, whether you believe it or not, whether you can picture it or not. You have the blossom already. You can sit on the pad on the water and feel the sun’s rays while you watch the clouds make magical shapes. You have all this already and more. So create your vision from there. No matter what your vision is about, no matter what is already a part of you and what you would like to experience and create, it is your vision, sparked from deep within and nourished by your life journey.

Hold yourself and treat yourself as you would a rare and precious flower. Its layers so profound and amazing that you could look at it and experience it all day. This is you, profound and amazing. No matter what you do in your day to day, no matter how you act or what you choose, you are an incredible blossoming, unique flower with roots as deep as time itself and magic that flows from the stars and the light. Treat yourself as such. And from you, from this space the desire to treat others the same will spread and manifest and the unfolding will pass on from you to others. This is compassion, this is support, this is understanding, this is community, this is world united, this is your day to day life in all its challenge and glory, unfolding with every breath and every beat of your heart.

What are you unfolding this month? What does your “lotus flower” look like and feel like? What support do you want to bring up to help you? What support are you asking for to help you?

Help others to see the magical forms you see in the clouds. Maybe they won’t play along but maybe, just maybe, for a moment they thought about seeing something other than the clouds. Maybe, just maybe, they felt a little silly and a little crazy, and a little freer in that moment. Maybe, just maybe, you opened a door for them to their vision, as you stepped through your own. Maybe.

Smile. This is magic. This is creating. This is life.

Laugh a little or a lot. Dance a little or a lot. Love a little, no, love a lot! And know that your own blossom is seen and appreciated. Whatever kind of flower you are and wherever you are growing, whatever you are experiencing, you are seen, appreciated, and loved.


with connection to divine spirit

and with help from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards, by Steven Farmer, available through and

June Guidance Reading - Perspectives, Blocks, Balance, Climate, and Love!

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Oracle Guidance for the month of June 2019

Iceberg - Submerged

This card first made me laugh when it turned over as we are having a much cooler than usual June in our region (West of Montreal, Quebec, Canada)! Thankfully not quite at the ice forming level but still cooler. It is however good for getting people to realize that things are changing with our climate overall. Some differences happen naturally from year to year and others are an impact of the overall climate change situation.

Aside from bringing awareness to our climate needs and the protective efforts required to help our planet at this point, which are extremely valuable and every individual must play their part in it, let’s see what else this card wants to guide us with this month.

Impact – More than meets the eye…

When you first think of an iceberg, you likely immediately think of the ice that is visible above the surface. One of the great shipping tragedy stories reminds us to look below the surface as well. What is visible above is only a part of the entire story as the ice goes to great depths and widths below the water’s surface.

In our lives, when we look at things from a surface perspective only, we can be more prone to judge and to think we know the situation without all the details. It is the depth that gives us a greater understanding. When we are not able to seek all the information about the deeper components, we can remind ourselves to release judgement and quick conclusions because we are only seeing a part of the story.

In this image the two icebergs are floating near each other or into each other. Through them we have a window into the distance where we see land or a glacier platform. Perspectives can change and through them, we gain new information. As these two icebergs come closer together the vision to the horizon will be blocked. Some with closed minded or limited understanding will say there is nothing beyond them, others with different knowing will have already seen what is beyond so can speak to it, and others still may not have seen it but may have vision or imagination to give insights different than the others. Each perspective is valuable in its own way and can show us how within a few moments what we thought we knew is suddenly changed completely.

This is currently the case with climate change. There are all different views from all perspectives. The biggest challenge is that very few people are listening to each other. Patience and understanding, plus the willingness to listen are limited and delays any progress forward. Solving problems needs different perspectives but it also needs an openness to see from each other’s point of view and to remember what the greater vision and goals are. 

In your personal life, see where you are blocking your own vision. You seek a balance between being in the moment with what is right in front of you and what you are experiencing as well as what is deeper within you and what is the vision forward. Having only one of these may limit your experiences and joy. Each person is different though and will have different balance needs. If you are enjoying and experiencing with your full being then continue! You are in a good balance for you at this time! If you are feeling limited or blocked then consider this image. What is above the surface for you, in your face, being lived, possibly being judged, thoughts, history, etc.? What is deeper that is perhaps to notice and become aware of? See and feel if this will add to your experience or release some of the blockage. Then the vision up ahead, seen or unseen. Where are you going, what are you striving for, what excites you about your future? Having this balance is important. Only living for the future may be a trap that unbalances the present and reduces joy of the now.

And then, when all is in balance, what are your spectacular experiences in life? For some, the icy cold of the Arctic and Antarctic are dangerous and barren. For others they are unique and crystalline with fantastic view and life exploding in unique and wondrous ways. Approach your life similarly. What is being presented as a challenge to you in your life? And what is unique, amazing, and incredible to experience? Through one you may find the other. Shifting your perspective to open up to different points of view about your life may also nurture you to be more patient with yourself and have less judgement. For example, would someone else find aspects of your life absolute gifts? Things they have been longing for? Would aspects of what represents challenge for you actually be deep blessings for another? Shifting your perspective in this can make a difference in how you feel and in how you approach your daily life.

Were there to be an impact of these icebergs, what would happen? When you are challenged and struggling but still have a vision, still have deep needs, allow yourself to play the game of the impact. What might happen if…? What would be the impact if…? This may seem scary but can also be very empowering as it takes away the doubt and the fear of the unknown by creating possible scenarios. With these created, your perspective automatically shifts and more information is made available to you.

The meeting of the icebergs…

For those who are seeking a deep relationship to start, this card is a reminder this month to open yourself and your perspective up. Are you too focused on the match you think you need or where you will meet that person? Are you still thinking too often about a previous partner that it is blocking your view of another who may come into the picture? Are you desiring connection but have closed off parts of you in case you may get hurt? For this last one, let some of the deep fire come back into your life. Let it colour your cheeks and colour-shade your eyes to see good in the world and joy again. You may find someone who has also been hurt too but you want to meet them when you are both looking up and aware of the progress you are making, not only sitting in the icy depths of despair. Smile, they just might be watching you.

with love, 


With help from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, available through and

Water relationship reading

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Water Wednesday

Water preservation and respect is a huge topic in this day and age of climate change, pollution, over fishing, and water waste. I believe that many people don’t think about it much, a symptom of just trying to survive, of not having enough time, and of fears about what can really be done. It is so important, even if we are not sure of the impact we can have, there is always something we can do.

When I pulled a card the end of April about local flooding situations, we received the Lightning – Power card. Tuning in today to see what other messages we would get for our relationship with water, I am again going to the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. Thank you for joining me. Remember to listen to your inner wisdom as well as we take these moments to connect.

Our relationship with water, water respect and preservation… what do we need to know today?

Lotus Flower – Unfoldment

We hold the connection with water in our hands the same way we hold every aspect of our life. Some parts are within our control and some parts are affected by other people and circumstances. Hold on and impact those parts you feel you are able to. Push your comfort zone a little to learn more, to do more, to understand more, and to feel you are connecting more.

Perhaps you remind yourself to turn off the tap in between activities to not use more than you really need. Perhaps you collect water that falls magically from the sky to keep plants and outdoor animals hydrated. Perhaps you listen to the news about water levels for watering in your region. Perhaps you bless and feel gratitude for every drop of water that crosses your lips. Perhaps you join campaigns to protect local and international water ways and water sources. Perhaps you start a movement to bring reusable vessels for water and coffee drinking at your workplace. Whether your actions and understanding are local to inside your home or gain momentum to impact international situations, each action and each drop of knowledge used is of great value.

The acknowledgement of your own connection with water is important. What you consume, how you consume it, and how much impacts you. Do you recognize how much of yourself is made up of water? How it flows in each cell of your being? Every step you take, every thought, every breath, is powered by water, by what fluid allows and brings into your life. Recognize this as you look out onto the puddle in your yard, to the river that flows, and the lake that is full. See their value, each in their own way.

Honour each tear that is released from your eyes, allowing you to know a deeper level of joy, compassion, sadness, or grief. These tears are not to be brushed aside randomly but should be embraced with respect. That is a first step for many people to connect with water. It is a way to show them their own water within, water they may not otherwise notice or want to recognize. It ties in the emotions, those parts of us that are deep and wise but are all too often ignored or feared. Like the power of the water, these too have power. They can be understood, respected, and utilized, much like the water. They can help us grow into ourselves.

What is your inner water connection unfolding for you? What is your outer water connection unfolding in your life? Where do you feel the needs to heal, the needs to connect, and the needs to take action?

Bless you beautiful water child, of earth and sky, water and fire, spirit and nature, bless you.

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With help from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, and

Our Stories & Foundations - guidance for May!

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Guidance for the month of May 2019:

As the sun streams into my new home office space, I sit down to see what guidance will come for us this month. The beginning of May has come very quickly in my world, busy with numerous life things, it snuck in and I didn’t quite get in tune with it until now. Apologies for the delay in this monthly guidance but hopefully it helps to shed light onto your journey today and in the coming month, connecting you with you and with your life. Reflect on what is important to you, what resonates, and see what perspective shift happens as you open up to your own guidance. Blessings for your May month!





As you sit by the fire of your life, you tell your tales and reflect on your lessons. There has been a lot of this going on over the recent months since the beginning of this year and yes, even before, of course. The reflecting, the learning, the observing, as well as the living. Your stories are what make you who you are as well as what give you the chance to change things for the better for you and for others. They can tell you when things are going well, what has been a challenge, and what is still a challenge for you. How the lines are written, how the images unfold, how the meaning behind it all touches you and connects you to your life, and so you are able to observe in new ways.


Sometimes being in the story, you find it tough to see what is happening, what you want to happen, and how to help bring it about. When you hear the story or see it played out in front of you, you are given the chance to see it from different angles and to hear it with ears that have fresh energy and distance from the living of it. This is why it is often easier to be a listener and to give advice into the lives of others than for yourself. You need to see your stories to see which ones remain as information for better understanding of what brought you here, and which ones you are currently living but that need editing, a character adjustment, a costume change, a new storyline direction, etc. You hold the pen to make those adjustments as you see and feel their need. Remember, if you are not certain what the adjustment needs to be, you can just circle the area and know that something here needs to change but not sure what or how just yet. That already is a huge step, acknowledgement.


Which part of your story is lacking some good foundation? Like the rock versus sand in the picture, sometimes you are building your fire on a good base that will hold it and sustain it and sometimes the base gets easily swayed by wind, water, life experiences, and others. Where is your base needing some foundation improvements? Where is your energy leaking? Where do things infiltrate but do not help? Where do you lose nourishment and direction? Where do you keep building but it keeps falling over or losing strength? These are all indicators, when reflected on and noticed, of where your foundation can be improved to help your next steps be the best they can so they support and enhance you and your life.


Give yourself a chance to also stop, breathe, and appreciate the view & the experience. There are magical moments every day. Some catch your breath, like a starry evening with mystical colours in the sky reflected in the calm water. Others give you joy that broadens your heart and chest. Others still are fleeting moments where you just go Wow! and appreciate the smile, the help, the breeze, the feather, the snack…


What is your story? Whether you feel it is “story worthy” or not, it is your story! There are always parts that would enhance the life of another, something you have learned, something you experienced, an understanding, a creation… Do not belittle your own story for the value of someone else’s. They have their own inner stories, their own pathway, and their own journey. Your story has value, whatever the plot lines are, whatever the adventures have been, and whether you choose to share them with others or not, your story has value. It is yours, it speaks to you and about you, it is interesting and fascinating, and you are allowed to look at your own life and think it amazing!


This month, let the season really shine into your life. See the stories and create new ones. Acknowledge the stories in others and help them see their own value as you see yours. Remember that the fire can be your passion and your inner truth as well as it can be a tool to burn up what is not working (careful, figuratively speaking only! – intentions are powerful things) so you can create new foundations or new levels for the next growth to occur.

with love.


With help from the Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, available through


Dancing with Fear reading

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Is fear something you dance with, walk with, or cower from?

There are many opinions and different ways to approach fear and live through it, from it, or despite it. Is there one way or the best way to figure it out? Probably like you, I don’t really know!

Recently I have been going through some life changes with my spouse as we prepare to move home. It has been quite a challenge for me bringing up emotions and expectations to release and fears to face and learn from. Fears of not being good enough, fears about not getting things done properly, fears about things not happening the way I feel I need them to in the “right” time frame, just to name a few. Sure, I have stuff to work on and learn from, just like you!

This week, as we are in full Spring mode leading up to a Full moon, Easter, and Passover holidays, the fears and I have been in discussion mode. I guess this is a good way to put it. The fears come up and I am given the opportunity, the choice, to see them, to dance with them, and to decide how I proceed forward.

“What would you do if you were not afraid?” is a question I have heard from numerous sources. It bears paying attention to. As my fears come up, I am given the choice to listen and respect them, or to see through them, dance past them (dance with them even!), to another step, another choice. Some fears are warranted and important, protecting us and keeping us safe, often with instinctual knowing! Others stem from patterns, beliefs, ways of behaving, and ways of looking at things. They can show us a lot about ourselves. They can show us where we are limited, what is important to us, and how to really respect our greatest needs. It is all quite fascinating when we give ourselves a chance to breathe and to notice!

I invite you, over this next phase, to become aware of when you feel fear and to give yourself the opportunity to look more deeply into it. You have choices and your experiencing fear may just be a way for your Self to help you grow, expand, release, learn, and move forward.

I would love to pull a card to help us get more perspective today on this “fear” thing! Let’s see what comes up for us… take a deep breathe, focus…


Ancient Healing Wisdom

Through the eyes of a wise one, we are given the chance to see things differently and to heal. As fear grips you, allow yourself to notice what wants to heal, what wants to be healed, and what is ready to heal for you. The fear is showing you something about yourself that you are not able to see at this moment directly, so it brings it to you in an indirect way. The fear may feel direct but it is just the clothing the issue is putting on so that you will notice.

Imagine that the issue which needs to be released or healed is like an almost see-through vision full of energy but not very visible to the naked eye. You know it is there but it is hard to get a handle on and to figure how to approach it. Now imagine that vision puts on a bright purple outfit with green polka dots and golden sparkles. Much easier to notice now right? In fact it is probably hard to ignore! From there you can more easily choose what to do next. You might not have all the answers but you are way more aware that something is going on which needs your attention. Fear is the outfit, the issue is the vision underneath. When it comes to a healing and learning experience, both are there to help you if you let them. Ignore them and you may find that the outfit starts getting its own light and music show to catch your attention and to try to get you to work on things (that’s the fear getting more intense or in-your-face more often)!

Sometime you are working on issues from your own life and sometimes those items are being combined with things from your ancestral line. Either way and no matter your beliefs, you will feel better and be more able to approach your life with energy and truth, the more you take care of your healing when you are given the chance to. Remember not to judge yourself. It would be like you turning your back on the fear, it may feel good in the moment, but it ends up not really solving anything. Stand firm and just feel the fear and what else it is bringing to you if you do not understand it immediately. The vision and energy underneath which is helping your life will show itself when you approach with patience, tolerance, and acceptance of your own journey and your own wisdom.

May your fears bring you to dance with your truth for healing and wisdom.

You may notice that the more you are in tune with what you fears are telling you, the more synchronicities and flow seems to happen for you. I certainly have this week!

Blessings and much love,


With help from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, available through and

April Guidance Reading - Listen to your Heart

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Guidance reading for the month of April 2019


Listening with Your Heart

“I trust the messages I receive from my heart.”

Receiving this card today, in the first week of April, confirms messages I have received and discussions I have had recently. The brain and the heart work differently. I do not believe that one has to be thought of as being more important than the other but that they serve different roles and have different jobs if you like.

To want to stop working with the brain would be the same as shutting down a main controller of our body system; it would not be in our best interest as a human being. To ignore the heart, its guidance and wisdom, would be like having no sense of values or principles to guide us, no sense of anything bigger than ourselves or how we contribute with our own life and to the lives of others. The heart is a huge connector to the here and now from a soul level but also allowing us to see and experience life in ways that the brain may not be able to process or understand initially. Having the two working together is the most beneficial and expansive way to be, bringing us the most joy and using incredible tools available to us. We have to be patient with the brain though, as it has its own way of doing things to help us survive and to see the present moment in very linear ways. With the heart’s help and our own understanding the brain can become a valued ally and incredible partner in our journey.

How do you listen to your heart? This may either sound like a very easy thing to do or a crazy thing to do, depending on your experience and point of view. It is as if you have a unique guidance system combined with a massive encyclopedia right inside you that also extends out through you. When you listen to it, you feel good. Bottom line, you feel good. It is supportive, kind, and aware. It helps you to feel and see what you might otherwise fight against or forget to notice. The more you play with it, working together and exploring together, the more its energy expands and the easier the connection becomes. The connection is already there, you are not creating it. You are coming into alignment with it so that the messages and guidance come into your life in ways you can notice, recognize, work with, and enjoy.

Think of something or someone you love. How do you know you love it/them? What are the sensations in your body? What are your thoughts? What are concepts you understand about it/them and your relationship with it/them? What happens as you work with that love? Does it expand? Does it grow and bring you to new and more expansive things? Does it feel good?

Within love there are human factors too and we understand that. Each person brings their own journey into the fold. They have their own story that might affect their views and others. Each thing may come with ownership, location rights, or have a finite timeframe on the earth in a physical sense. These are concepts that humans perceive as ways to create their lives and to understand it all and what is important to them. This progresses as humans progress. However all these bits are not the same as the love from the heart… the love is there regardless of the story or the expectation, who owns what, how long something will last, etc. The love is there.

This is the same with other messages of guidance from the heart. They are there regardless of the stories, judgements, expectations, or brain survival thoughts you might have. They feel like love. They feel kind and supportive. They will be gentle until it is imperative for the human to hear and learn, then they get more intense, still kind but intense, willing the human to listen and attend to.

No matter where you believe the heart messages come from, whether it is your highest good, your soul, the heart itself, the divine, or helpers in spirit, they come to you to enhance your experience and your journey. The “from where” or “how” only matters if it is important to you. Otherwise the message and the guidance are what are of the greatest importance. There will most likely be some consistency to them and good sensations. They can be confirmed and double checked if need be. Any important message will not be fleeting or at risk of being missed, it will come in different forms as need be, radiating out from the heart into energy to be communicated in ways you understand. Be patient with yourself if this is new language for you, you are doing very well.

Your heart opens up with the broadest and most powerful love. It knows your journey and it knows your truth from the depths up and from history forward. It knows when you feel like yourself and when you are living that way. It understands when life is just life and you are doing your best. Then there will be supportive messages and caring essences to hear and feel. If you will let yourself open up with it and to it, you will feel good. That goodness then radiates through your life, helping you and helping others, connecting you with others even when you may not really be conscious of it. That is a beautiful thing. Spiritual energy meeting and living with human earth experience.


Like being with a child, waiting for them to feel open and comfortable to share what is going on with them, the real stuff, inside, you need to give yourself opportunities to Listen. It is a practice you will get better at the more it is done. You and your heart will attune to each other more and more as the practice is done. Whispers, feelings, knowing, understanding, and deep soulful breath are some of the ways you will hear. Enjoy the exploration as you would enjoy a good new book or a good new television program. This is your script, your set, your actors, your storyline, as real as you make it with as many edits and adjustments as you need.

I am open to my heart guidance.

I feel love in each moment of my day.

I am connected and inspired.

with Full heart blessings,

reading with and through Sheila Bicknell, BlueWater Oracle 

With help from the Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, available through

March Guidance: Fiery Warmth & Visions with Feeling!

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March guidance for the month!

This is a start of Spring month for the northern hemisphere. The sun starts getting warmer, snow and ice start melting, and nature starts to stretch before the full waking. At the beginning of this month, it is still a good time to reflect on your life (well, it is actually always good to reflect! Ha!). See where your life is aligning with your visions, dreams, and goals, where it has taken interesting journeys, and where you would like to create and design differently. Patience is important but so are steps forward, even if very small. Momentum at this time of year gathers energy and gets ready to burst forward in bloom. What are you getting ready to sprout or bloom? What are you already cultivating and taking care of? What are you in the midst of glorious “running with it and expanding” momentum? Reflect on these as you experience today and look ahead to the March month.


Spirit of Fire

Welcome in the warmth and the brightness of the sun and of fire energy. It may feel like it has been a while since you felt warm to your core, the type of warmth that comes up through you, from your soul and out into your life. This is the time to let your warmth expand. Allow it to come to you from the outside in as it also grows from the inside out. Fill your life with things that make you feel good: People who build you up, Entertainment and reading that make you laugh with joy and feel this wondrous life, Knowledge that inspires you and makes you go “wow!”, and action steps that bring you that “yes!” feeling of accomplishment and excitement. Find things that bring you that fiery energy of passion, love, and honouring your truth while you honour the truth of others.


With this sun and fire, comes the balance of wood and water. When the fire is very strong, even if it is the most beautiful thing you create, it needs nurturing and it needs fuel. Through the ground, the earth, the water, the emotions, and the care of self, comes this balance. It is needed and required. You are human after all! Be grateful for what fuels you, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Be grateful for the body that carries you and explores with you. Be grateful for the feelings that speak to you, help you heal, and allow you to experience life in deep ways. And be grateful for water, a vital part of life in a multitude of ways.


When you feel the deep whispers of your highest-self chatting to you, bringing up that fiery essence of you… When you notice coincidences or synchronicities, signs, and messages… When you feel confirmations through emotion, signs, and inspirations… know that it is wind connecting the other elements to you and to this warming phase.


Then with the fire and warmth, the sun and the balance… we walk into…

Desert – Vision Quest

Quite a powerful month ahead with these two cards!

This one is reinforcing the need and suggestion for balance as indicated above. While some love and have been designed for the desert climate, many prefer to live in areas with greater water influence. For you here, it is in part to see what is being created. Are you living in the desert (in terms of your goals and dreams not happening as you might like) or are you living IN those goals and dreams, creating them and with them? Are you expanding on goals, dreams, and experiences that are already happening to feel even brighter and remembering to enjoy what you have brought about?


Give yourself the patience and understanding to create. When you look at only the things you wish to have, to own, and to bring into your life, you miss the water part – the feeling! What do you want the vision of your life to feel like? Vision quests are not only what is seen but what is felt during the experience! How do you want your life to feel? When you have the things you want, what are you feeling? When you experience what you want, what does it feel like? Sometimes touching on the emotions seems glorious and brings you expansion and connection. Other times it is a way to heal what is ready and needed to heal, or to release what no longer serves you. Those may be the emotions and parts that protect themselves and are not as easy to immediately get to. However, if you allow yourself to go there, even in little phases, little moments, small increments, you will find that you feel so much better, so much lighter having felt what needed to be felt, healing & releasing, and then feeling what is more amazing afterwards. Seek support to help you in this if it feels too much to allow alone. Community and connection are all a part of this walk and are honoured.


Raise your vision up, even just for a few moments a day. Allow it to play in the “what if” possibilities! Have fun with it, be inspired, let the sunlight and the fire show you incredible possibilities, and feel how great it would or will be! :)

with love,


and Spirit Connection


With help from the Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, available through and the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, available through and