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March Guidance: Fiery Warmth & Visions with Feeling!

Posted on 4 March, 2019 at 10:15 Comments comments (0)

March guidance for the month!

This is a start of Spring month for the northern hemisphere. The sun starts getting warmer, snow and ice start melting, and nature starts to stretch before the full waking. At the beginning of this month, it is still a good time to reflect on your life (well, it is actually always good to reflect! Ha!). See where your life is aligning with your visions, dreams, and goals, where it has taken interesting journeys, and where you would like to create and design differently. Patience is important but so are steps forward, even if very small. Momentum at this time of year gathers energy and gets ready to burst forward in bloom. What are you getting ready to sprout or bloom? What are you already cultivating and taking care of? What are you in the midst of glorious “running with it and expanding” momentum? Reflect on these as you experience today and look ahead to the March month.


Spirit of Fire

Welcome in the warmth and the brightness of the sun and of fire energy. It may feel like it has been a while since you felt warm to your core, the type of warmth that comes up through you, from your soul and out into your life. This is the time to let your warmth expand. Allow it to come to you from the outside in as it also grows from the inside out. Fill your life with things that make you feel good: People who build you up, Entertainment and reading that make you laugh with joy and feel this wondrous life, Knowledge that inspires you and makes you go “wow!”, and action steps that bring you that “yes!” feeling of accomplishment and excitement. Find things that bring you that fiery energy of passion, love, and honouring your truth while you honour the truth of others.


With this sun and fire, comes the balance of wood and water. When the fire is very strong, even if it is the most beautiful thing you create, it needs nurturing and it needs fuel. Through the ground, the earth, the water, the emotions, and the care of self, comes this balance. It is needed and required. You are human after all! Be grateful for what fuels you, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Be grateful for the body that carries you and explores with you. Be grateful for the feelings that speak to you, help you heal, and allow you to experience life in deep ways. And be grateful for water, a vital part of life in a multitude of ways.


When you feel the deep whispers of your highest-self chatting to you, bringing up that fiery essence of you… When you notice coincidences or synchronicities, signs, and messages… When you feel confirmations through emotion, signs, and inspirations… know that it is wind connecting the other elements to you and to this warming phase.


Then with the fire and warmth, the sun and the balance… we walk into…

Desert – Vision Quest

Quite a powerful month ahead with these two cards!

This one is reinforcing the need and suggestion for balance as indicated above. While some love and have been designed for the desert climate, many prefer to live in areas with greater water influence. For you here, it is in part to see what is being created. Are you living in the desert (in terms of your goals and dreams not happening as you might like) or are you living IN those goals and dreams, creating them and with them? Are you expanding on goals, dreams, and experiences that are already happening to feel even brighter and remembering to enjoy what you have brought about?


Give yourself the patience and understanding to create. When you look at only the things you wish to have, to own, and to bring into your life, you miss the water part – the feeling! What do you want the vision of your life to feel like? Vision quests are not only what is seen but what is felt during the experience! How do you want your life to feel? When you have the things you want, what are you feeling? When you experience what you want, what does it feel like? Sometimes touching on the emotions seems glorious and brings you expansion and connection. Other times it is a way to heal what is ready and needed to heal, or to release what no longer serves you. Those may be the emotions and parts that protect themselves and are not as easy to immediately get to. However, if you allow yourself to go there, even in little phases, little moments, small increments, you will find that you feel so much better, so much lighter having felt what needed to be felt, healing & releasing, and then feeling what is more amazing afterwards. Seek support to help you in this if it feels too much to allow alone. Community and connection are all a part of this walk and are honoured.


Raise your vision up, even just for a few moments a day. Allow it to play in the “what if” possibilities! Have fun with it, be inspired, let the sunlight and the fire show you incredible possibilities, and feel how great it would or will be! :)

with love,


and Spirit Connection


With help from the Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, available through and the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, available through and 

February Guidance: Dark, Winter, Facts, to Light!

Posted on 4 February, 2019 at 11:55 Comments comments (1)

Welcome to the New Moon in February! With this new month, we now gain an opportunity to really look inside and see what we are living and creating each and every day. This does not always sound like a fun process! But the more we work with it, the better we understand ourselves, the choices we make, and see our way forward.


February is our second calendar month. The big start of January starts to calm for many. The intense mission of planning and visioning for our year may slip aside into routine or it may become part of the routine of creation and goal setting. For those in our region in the north, although the days are technically getting longer and the sun stronger, February is often considered a “grey” month. So here, in this possibly perceived as “grey” month, now with the New Moon, we may really feel in the dark!


Take this opportunity to sit with yourself, breathe. Look at the bright moments of sunlight, the fresh snow, the crystal ice formations, and the lovely stillness that is present. Then pull out those visions, goals, and dreams. If they feel a little dusty or daily life hasn’t quite measured up yet, I suggest giving them a nice shake! Dust them off, add in some new fresh and sparkly intentions and actions, see what is great around you and within you, and go for what your life wants to bring to you! Remember that this dark is really an illusion… The sun is there just as strong, it is us who has moved. The moon is there just as full but for the light, it has moved, and we have moved! Great reminders that things are always changing and that the dark is an opportunity to see what wants to come up for us and through us in this moment.


The Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, are the deck which wants to guide us further through this month. As always when I read with my cards, I listen to which deck feels it could bring us the best guidance in this moment. Here we go… take a beautiful big breath, relax your shoulders, receive and reflect…


As if to show us that all which was written here before this card reading, is indeed true, we pull the Spirit Keeper of the North oracle card. It shows us a wonderful wintery night scene. Fresh snow on the trees, bushes, and the ground. Deep purple-blue enters our senses as the full moon sheds is wise light on the land and beings below. The snow comes from the sky and the stars stay there reflecting and shimmering.


Whatever challenges you may be facing right now, notice how much power you are giving them and giving over to them. Like during the winter there are facts to be aware of: the cold can affect you, you need more efficient shelter and food, you need different footwear to make it through and to move about, you need different clothing and tools for the change in weather and its results, and you need to create light more often because the natural light is less in the winter phase. Other than these things, and a few others you may come up with, winter is winter. It is what it is. Pushing against it, resisting, or wishing to change it will often lead you into misery and frustration.


How does this winter analogy relate to any challenges or problems you are facing right now? What are the facts about each of them? Get clear, really clear. Confusion breeds more confusion and you suffer in the process. Notice where the facts start to get mingled with the story you are living or creating. Readjust. Clear it up. What are the facts?


The problems are the problems. The challenges are the challenges. What is a problem for one might be a blessing for another. What is a challenge for one might be an opportunity for another. Perception plays a part. This is not so you compare your situation to another’s. This is not so you judge yourself. This IS so you notice where the perceptions are versus the facts, to allow you to welcome in clarity.


From the facts, you have a great base to shift, change, learn, grow, request and receive help. Going back into our winter darkness, it would be like asking to not have winter. Well, even if that was in your control, it would come with huge intense repercussions for all of nature and the world! Maybe you do not want that kind of responsibility! Perhaps adapting and choosing is a better option. So… what about noticing that a problem is your boots do not keep your feet warm when you are out and about in the cold. Fact. Cold feet, not so much fun. Options: set goals and intentions to allow change and solutions – and let these things flow when you get the inspiration and the ideas! The wool socks that have been in the drawer for years. Better boots you see posted somewhere second hand. Find the ease and time to purchase newer warmer boots. And then something else pops up… going somewhere warm when it is cold here… hmmm that rings nicely to you. Start the goal, the dream, the action steps as possible. If it doesn’t seem possible just yet, then hold the dream and the possibility that you don’t have all the “how” and “when” details but you will! See?


From facts to possible actions to greater dreams. Inspiration and intuition at work. From the dark comes the possibility of light and then comes the light! The idea of boots may seem like a mini challenge compared to many. Okay, sure, that is understood. But if your feet are freezing as you walk, getting colder and colder, starting to hurt with the degree of cold, that challenge is pretty big in the moment. Perspective.


See how this may be applied to other challenges and problems you think you are experiencing. It is okay if you are in the dark, all of nature spends time there. They shift and change as do the seasons and the needs and so can you. Be kind to yourself and patient with yourself as you may be in a “winter” phase. Know that spring is just around the corner for you and for nature.


Wishing you clarity to see your facts and to receive inspiration that brings you solutions, joy, and light!





With help from the Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, published by and available through


January guidance: Fairies, Magic, Breath, Beauty, and Love!

Posted on 3 January, 2019 at 11:10 Comments comments (2)

Welcome to a New Year! January 2019! Happy New Year! This is a time when we often look back on the calendar year that has been and look forward to the one which is just starting. But each year is made up of a multitude of moments. 12 months is what we tend to follow here, and then weeks, days, hours, etc. I enjoy providing oracle card intuitive wisdom for the month here on my Page to bring you perspective, points to reflect on, and guidance to help you step forward and to remember throughout the month.

If you would like your own guidance for the month or for the year, please contact me. Monthly guidance written readings are available as are 2019 Light & Guidance Wheel readings! Tools to add to, build on, and enhance your journey!

For January 2019…

Fairies – Earth Magic

We welcome in this New Year with a reminder of all that is magic, all that already exists, and all that is possible! We live in a balance between time, action, and experience, calm, peace, and movement, human, spiritual, and energetic. Everything plays its part. Each of these and more, all the time, in all different and wondrous ways. At the very basic, you are breathing, your heart is beating, and you are connected to the Earth by something known as gravity. From there, are so many aspects and layers. You could just enjoy exploring them and do nothing else and still be active and live an exciting life each day! But then there is everything else!


The human experience, learning, growing, living, exchanging with others while progressing as yourself. The spiritual experience related to energy, oneness, divinity, light, love, and those who are committed to and available to help with our soul journey. The Earth experience with everyone else here, all the people, the creatures, the plant life, the seemingly solid matter, the shifting weather and changing lands, the water ways and the power of the land. Then beyond to show us the stars and the moon, and beyond that still.

Whatever your definition of “magic” may be, if you have one at all, you have to admit it is all quite amazing! So much at our fingertips, in our energy, and in possibility, but at the same time, it comes down to you, to you in this moment, your beliefs, your desires, your body, your mind, your spirit, your soul, your energy, and your breath. From there you create and you live. Whether you find it magical or not is up to you. Whether you think you are separate and finite is up to you. Whether you think you are connected or not, is also up to you. And each of these is correct because they are you and your experience.

As much as your breath changes and comes and goes in your energy, through your body, allow yourself the knowledge that your life and your experience is changing just as often and just as easily. Knowing that gives you power to experience as well as power to create. It gives you power to laugh and to cry, to share and to receive, to be and to do, and so much more. It is bringing you in line with your life and the realization that it is all okay. Yes it is all okay. That big pressure that is sitting somewhere on you (or was in the past for those who have already released it), can just go… Like a balloon being released into the air, it can float away. And it is even a biodegradable balloon that will get recycled into energy to help someone else make the same realizations of freedom and joy. Let the big pressure go, breathe in the breath that is meant for you in this moment. That is your basis point, a breath. And as it is released, feel yourself getting lighter as well, lighter with a magic that represents whatever it does for you, for your life, but know it is wondrous and it is yours. What will you enjoy today? What are you experiencing? What are you going to create? (hint, you are already doing it). Let in the light and the sparkle, notice how amazing everything is and breathe into your existence. We are blessed to have you.

I had already intuited pulling a card from another deck of mine, the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards deck, for today’s second card. Seeing the fairies with the first, just makes it all the more exciting and confirms it as a good plan!


This is a powerful card in this deck, coming to continue the space and universe discussion. As she sits in connection with the stars, moons, and planets, she reminds us that we are all made of much more than we often give ourselves credit for. The energy we have running through us is not always seen. Like the dark of her hair, it can blend in with the background depending on our perspective and what is important for us in the moment. Your energy and your essence are like this. You may be acutely aware of it all or you may be living life and absorbing what it has to offer without necessarily thinking of it on a universal spirit level. It is all good as long as it is good with you!

Regardless of how you approach your life, know that you and your life are beautiful. Even the parts you may not be so crazy about or enjoy quite so much. There is deep beauty there. It is not the surface beauty that comes and goes but the deep kind that touches you, touches others, and brings quality to life. You have this beauty. Hear this. You are beautiful! And this kind of beauty deserves and calls for love - deep, wonderful, take-care-of-self, always there, I am enough, I am amazing, I deserve good, I am loved, kind of love. It is a stand up straight because you love yourself, kind of love. It is a feel you are hugged and held in the best ways, all the time, kind of love. It is beauty that resonates from deep places and ancient knowing, learning through the ages, and saying yes you have it and that you ARE love.

Whatever comes up in counter to that type of beauty is for you to learn from then to heal, and to release in this phase if not already done so. Yes you are allowed, it is allowed. You have magical, spirit, earth, as well as human support.

Although you may not see or believe in a Fairy presence, allow today to expand you just a little, or a lot. Your breath in itself is a miraculous coming together of your body’s physical workings with science, chemistry, biology… with air that floats around you unseen… with emotions and thoughts that speed up and slow down rhythms to you, through you, and from you… and that is just a breath.

From there so much is possible, as simple or as complicated as you make it, as enjoyable or as challenging, as full or as empty. This Earth Magic energy is coming in to invite you to play, to become an active part of your life and your experience, in whatever that means to you. It is your movie, your script, your scene… adapting and changing with each breath, being co-written with you in each moment. Allow yourself to pick up the pen and do some of the writing. Bring yourself into the moment to live and then vision forward, adjusting as you go. That is how the best rides and stories are created.

Today is just a day, one day of a period of time, but it is your day, and you can make it as great as you like. Sparkle your beautiful loving powerful self forward and magically breathe fully!


Featuring the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, available through and and the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, also Hay House published.

December Guidance: Light with Blessings and Balance

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December Oracle Intuitive Guidance Card Reading

Welcome to this new month! In the northern hemisphere, this is a month of cooler weather, darker days, pure snow, frosty breath, going inside ourselves and our homes to reflect, cheer, and holiday times to be with family and friends and to support our fellow man. The supporting our fellow man doesn’t come naturally or easily for everyone but we all have that potential and there is always hope that community will come together for a better life for all. The light of the holidays is not in any specific day or tradition, it is in the light we feel inside, the light we connect to with each other and with whatever we feel is greater than ourselves, and it is the light that graces us each day through the precious sun, and watches us each night through the beautiful moon and the stars. We are light, may be it be represented by us in all we are and do.


The first card that caught my attention shuffling my Earth Magic deck today was when I noticed from the back of the card that it was upside down. Some people have this often in their decks and it can be an added feature of the reading of a card. For me it is VERY unusual and so it caught my eye. Flipping the card into the upright position as I turned it over, I realize it was one that came up as a friend’s one-card pull during the week. I check in with it to see if it wants to bring us messages and guidance today, and of course, yes it does!


Rainbow – Blessings

This is a time of year which can be full of hustle and bustle for many people. There may be gatherings and parties. There may be extra shopping and decorating. There may be extra ceremonies and traditions. And there may be much much more, creating busyness and much planning. But what is at the base of all this? Why does all this happen? This is where this beautiful rainbow comes in, as the clouds part showing a crystal clear blue sky. What is at the heart of your December and your holiday season, however it looks for you? It is time to reflect as you start this month. It is time to set intentions so you can notice and so you can adjust.


With all the blessings in each life, this is a time to decide whether the holiday season becomes a joyful one or a time full of stress and worry. Start today by feeling your blessings. Feeling them is different than just writing them down, it is really having & living them full of appreciation, full of joy, full of compassion, full of love, and full of value. Value your blessings, love them. From that place of love, joy, and value then approach each task, seeing what is needed and required, and what is at the heart of it or what you are now creating at the heart of it.


As I shuffled for the second card, I am drawn to read the back of the cards, for the first time. This image is also on the Tree card within this deck but of course the back is just so beautiful. And it now makes sense that the first card would come up upside down and catch my attention. This is a message about balance. As above, so below. The balance of shadow and light. The balance of gifts and gems with nature and nurture. The light coming up or going down over the land and each day from and to each night. The shifting clouds and the shifting waters. All in balance and flow. A flow we don’t always easily work with but it is there if we allow ourselves to work with it for our own good and the good of others. This is a message to remember your balance this month and to see when things get out of balance so you can refocus, shed light on it, and feel your calming inspiring light within.


Island – Solitude

This card makes me laugh as it comes up. It was a primary card during my recent Holiday Money Magic workshop with Danièle Soaré. I pulled this card in direct response to Danièle’s reflective question: Why do we fear our light so much? One message it brought up was about being scared to be left alone if we shine our own light brightly. Coming up here today, it reinforces all that was mentioned above about light because it appears to be a dark card, with darker clouds, ground, and water but with a shaft of light also entering the scene. It is a very reflective card which makes perfect sense at this time of year. With the darker days and the desire to go within and be quiet, we are invited to reflect. There are challenges to this life of ours, tough times and difficult obstacles. But there is also much power and beauty. This is what is coming up through the dark of this card, this beautiful powerful tree atop the craggy island, in full purple blossom! It is not letting the challenges stop it from blooming and living with colour. It is showing its essence, it is receiving and giving the light, receiving and giving life and vibrant energy. And so can you, each and every day. Know that you may have challenges, you may have fears, but you also have amazing qualities and brightness that does this world good. Whether it is through touching your immediate family and closest friends or also speaking out to huge groups and communities, that is part of your choice and your path. The most important thing this month, is not to let yourself hide your colour and light, share it with others and receive the colour & light from others as well. You will find that you feel more of the magical spirit of this season!


The last part of today’s reading message is coming forward more through how the reading came about, how the cards chose to share and come forward. This message is to remember to play! When I pull cards, when I work with oracle energy, I am drawn to say “Let’s play!” Never to minimize the impact or importance of the cards and the guidance, but to signify that there is a playful spirit to the universe and to our lives if we choose to play along. This month, there are probably more opportunities to play than in many times of our year, so embrace it and allow yourself to play. You never know what blessings, balance, and blossoming it will create!


With love,


P.S. - Putting away the cards, I couldn't help but want to know which card represented the middle card. The Winter Solstice - Reflection card!!! I love my cards and I love connecting with intuitive readings! May you all have magical moments this month! ✨❄️


Featuring the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, available through and


November Guidance - Mountain, Layers, & Strength

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November Guidance Intuitive Oracle Card Reading

Welcome to November! After the Adventure card of October it will be interesting to see what November will bring for us. These monthly cards are to help us with guidance, to bring points to reflect on, and to allow us to go “oh yeah…” when certain things come up or happen during the month so we may be better prepared and resourceful!

We go to the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer (Hay House published) for this reading. Connecting with the land, the earth, the sky, the water, with each other, and with all that is energy and spirit.

Mountain – Strength

There are layers being worked on and exposed this month. For some of you, this will seem like a regular occurrence over the last few years! It seems as if it has all been about the discovery, welcoming, and release of different layers of yourself and your life. Well hold on! As the calendar year heads towards its end, as those in the northern hemisphere head into winter and to a darker day phase, the layers you have been playing with come into full view. It will be a time of decisions, a time of letting go, a time of embracing, a time of deep learning, and a time of action. All the preparations will come forward now with the skills and knowledge you have already gained, to bring you further into your journey, further into the adventure, further into experience. Sounds scary to you? This is not the time to be scared, this is the time to know what you are bringing forward with you and what you are leaving behind.


For those in the southern hemisphere, the growth of spring is moving into summer. The new phase of the journey is feeling lighter and more hopeful than it has recently. With the light and the growth, you are looking at what you want to grow. You have planted so many things, so much possibility and potential that now it is time to get to sculpting your garden, sculpting and creating your path in ways that will design an amazing end of year and a fantastic year ahead. You need pathways in your growth so you can see the view and walk among your wondrous creations. Clarity is vital to you. If things get overgrown you will forget the joy of the season and the potential you have created. Stand and choose what stays and what goes, and where your paths will lead and travel through.


Back to the layers for the northern group, more of those are an audience here… You are trekking into winter. You need to know what you are carrying forward, what is of greatest value to you and to your next development and your next accomplishments. You will see layers coming up. Layers related to your home, body, and personal life. Layers related to your work, career, and income. Layers related to your financial management. Layers related to your history and journey. And layers related to your personal & spiritual development and future plans. This may seem daunting but remember you haven’t just started this work. Much of it has been going on for quite a long time. In many ways you long for the layers to get figured out so you can just enjoy and move forward feeling fulfilled and whole. Well, this month is a huge chunk of that, if you choose of course. No worries if you don’t, you will progress in your own way as is your right and your privilege. We are along for the ride and we will add some road signs when it is most needed.


For those choosing to embrace the phase of layers coming up, we encourage you to remember to breathe! The more you hold your breath and hold onto the layers, resisting them coming up, the more you will feel blocked and just not well. It is not your nature to fight these things because your deeper self knows this is all important and you will benefit from it. Enter the Mountain and the Strength.


Even if you do not feel very strong now, you are indeed incredibly strong. You have shown this with your resilience, your determination, your vulnerability, and your zest for life. That zest has been tested recently because overwhelm is setting in. Like the garden getting overgrown in the southern hemisphere information, for you, it is that the choice of what to bring and how to bring it into the upcoming phase is very large with numerous components. We want that zest for life back for you, that fun, that intrigue, and creative spirit, that joy in the small things… so layers are coming up to choose and to work with and through.


See the different mountains in the picture? There is one in front just behind the water. Then there is another slightly behind over to the right. The big ones then make up the background, coming up, peaked and sharp but also wise and strong. We want you to see the concept of these layers as you would these mountains. Something will come up about your home. See it rising as if from out of the ground. You knew it was there but now it is in your face. Then you see a layer of information and choice coming up about your work. It might push in behind the house one or push it over somewhat. And so it will continue this month, quite rocky and lots of shifting. The great thing? You have the capacity to easily move from one layer (or mountain) to another! This will not be like “climbing a mountain”. It will be like hopping from one to another, choosing which one, which layer to release, which to bring up and forward, and which to embrace. You can move them, shift them, learn from them, and more easily and freely, if only you become aware of the layers and remember your strength and skills.


Some of the layers will be things you keep and embrace. They will be coming up to help you and feel wonderful. Other layers will be coming up and in your face so you can see them and decide “Oh thanks, it is time for this to go!” freeing up space and energy for better things. Keep going all month.


Take a break occasionally by sitting on the beach in front of the mountains, looking at them, breathing and sighing. Maybe dance a little (or a lot!) to release some of the hesitancy and worry. Shake it out and off. Then look up at your layers again. One will likely show itself as more pertinent to attend to in that moment. It can be quick! See it, reflect, realize, and release or see it, reflect, feel, and release or see it, feel it, know, learn, and keep it with you like putting it in your tool box or back pack. You can hop from one layer or mountain to another easily and efficiently, progressing with your tasks as you go.


And then you will realize that one day, you can stand amongst your mountains of knowledge, experience, and strength, and go “Ah-Ha! This is great!” knowing you have done amazing clearing, releasing, realizing, reflecting, and learning. Those mountains that stay with you will feel joyous, smiling, and useful. Together you will step forward with a swing in your step and a lightness that connects you in new ways to who you are, to those around you, and to your life as you are now creating it. Yes!


Check in often with yourself. Pull together those who you know will really help you and don’t worry about the others. If the overwhelm sets in, it likely means you are looking at all the layers at once creating a blurry landscape with no direction or path. Focus, choose one, and see what needs to be done with it. Then when it has either been released or is part of your tools & team moving forward, move to the next one, and so on.


You have the skills and strength to do this. You are supported by mountains connecting the earth with the water, the fire, the stones, and the air. You can stand upon them working with them, creating and seeing the amazing vistas that are your life. It is a magical day!



Wow what a powerful reading! I hope it inspires you as it does me! Let me know :)

Wishing you an amazing month ahead!


Remember to reach out if you need guidance and clarity as you work with some of these layers and mountains. Your own intuitive reading will help shift what is no longer serving you while you realize what you need to know so that stepping forward is easier! Live one-on-one, written, and even text options are available. Contact me for yours today so this November can be full-on incredible!

[email protected] and 514-573-4740

With love,


Sheila Bicknell - BlueWater Oracle

October Adventure Reading!

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Welcome October!

We have traversed another season and are starting a new month! Whether you are moving further into Autumn or Spring, I wish you well! For us here where I am, it is a time of changing leaf and crop colours, of harvesting, of cooler days & nights, of preparing for the winter ahead, of Thanksgiving, and then of connecting closely with the spirit realms at the end of the month. Lots happening as usual, haha!

I have enjoyed pulling a card and doing a reading for the month. A great way to reflect and focus on what we want to create, to harvest, and what guiding knowledge is there to help us.


From the Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards for the month of October:


A new month, a new feel…



“Wonderful new experiences fill my life!”


New feel indeed! This card comes with a feeling of hope, of optimism, of possibility, and yes, even of fun! While an adventure can sometimes be a way to say that unexpected things are happening or will happen, in this context it is to look at an adventure as something you plan in order to bring you joy, experiences, knowledge, and to live fully! There are always unexpected life things. That is also a part of life, the intricate web and puzzle in which all are living. You cannot always see the puzzle pieces or the web lines but the more you know it is all a type of game where experiencing is the key, the more you will enjoy the ride and find joyful moments in the ride.


With this image, there is acknowledgement that some parts are not defined and not seen as you look out on this road ahead. Part of the journey. It is important to know that the road will come back up, it will come to where there is a brighter light and an interesting & hope provoking view. So even in the down moments and the valleys, know the rest is there, know that it will come back up. Find things that bring you joy, that make you smile, that make you giddy, and make you want to laugh. While you are learning, allow yourself to have some pleasure and enjoyable moments. They are so vital to your energy and well-being and to what you give back out to the world.


So… What would you like this next month of your adventure to be like? What will it be filled with? What will you manifest? What will you allow? What will you create? What will you release and let go of? All pertinent questions even if not all easy to answer. Take a moment, or a few, to let yourself play in the imagination of possibility and the planning of experiences. Even in the usual routine you have of work or home, family or responsibilities, plan in and find those moments of joy, those moments where you learn something and it builds you up, those moments of good adventuring, and those moments reminding you of your fantastic self and great strength. You are able to create this and so much more.


The sun will set and rise, that is a space, universe, and planetary phenomenon. You choose what rises and sets in your life, how you live, and how your respond to it all. You choose what light is going to come in and how you will feel when it touches you and when you ride that wave. You have so many choices, that sometimes you forget you can choose!


Choose an adventure this month! Something great, something wonderful. An adventure of a lifetime because in actuality, it really is, always.




I love this card and this reading! What a great positive energy, I hope you can feel it too!


Blessings for your day, week, and month ahead.

Adventuring together,

with love, Sheila


Featuring the Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, published by


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Buddha Bazaar group readings summary

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It was a great day on Sunday at the Buddha Bazaar in Montreal organized by Meagan Gibson of Zetï! Wonderful vendors, readers, speakers, and musicians!

C'était une belle journée dimanche au Bazaar de Bouddha à Montréal. Des gens impressionant qui vendaient, faisaient des lectures, des présentations, et les musiciens!

During my presentation I touched on some of the ways that we all receive intuitive guidance. Then it was time to pull cards! With the Autumn season starting, the Full Moon upcoming, and a lot of shifting going on, it was a great series of readings for the group present and listening.


Here are a few key points from the cards as you head into this next season and this bright moon. They all most applied to those in the room but also feel like they will help a wider audience, hence the share! Take what feels right, true, and helpful to you!


Identify and intend what you would like to be creating during this new next season phase. Also identify what it is time to let go of, what you don't need to carry forward any more with you! There is something you can just let go of now, release it, so you are lighter and more able to create what you want and need moving forward.


Remind yourself of all the successes you have. You can start with the smallest ones, did you shower today, did you have breakfast, and all the way up to the huge things you have accomplished and are accomplishing - finishing a degree, creating something that will impact and improve the world, etc. The more challenging the phase you are in, the more you can go to small successes to celebrate and see the promise of the next new moment.


Ancestors - at this point in history, many people may be sensing that they are bringing or are a source of bringing up knowledge and wisdom from their ancestral lines. This is very powerful. With this will often also bring up a need to heal certain things from those lines, hurts, disappointments, anger. You may be the one, the person who gets to play a big part in this. What is important is to remember the balance between both sides of this ancestral part. As you feel or know that some of the challenging sides are coming up, also remember the wisdom, the good sides, the amazing things about those times and those people, whether you know them or not. You will sense the wisdom, you may already be expressing it in your life. They are requesting that balance so that you do not only see the hurt and the struggle and so you do not forget about their other skills and wisdom!


If life gets very tough, very difficult and hard to deal with, the guidance yesterday was, for anyone feeling this way, to find something in this very moment that you love. It can be anything! Could be your cup of coffee, could be a tree, an animal, a person, a blanket... find anything that you love, keep going through until you find that one thing in the moment that you love. Hold onto that love in the moment, let yourself really feel it. That is the start of the journey back into your own life. Repeat as needed whenever needed.


And Strength... know that you have incredible strength in you. Noticing those successes and good points in your life is important for this. The ancestral wisdom and skills also come into this. And allow yourself to know you are never alone. Reach out to a human, reach out to spirit helpers, reach out to energy. You have strength, you have courage, you have excellence. And you are not alone.


Wishing you an amazing Autumn and I hope the Full Moon was blessed for you!

with love, Sheila



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My next event is this Thursday September 27th 7-9 pm in Kirkland as a fundraiser for the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre. Check out their website for tickets


J'offre encore ma spéciale super de Septembre sur les lectures intuitives complètes cette semaine. Me contactez SVP pour vous amenez votre propre information pour vous guidez et vous connectez. [email protected] 514-573-4740


Mon prochaine évenement se place ce jeudi le 27 septembre 19h à 21h comme levée de fonds pour le Centre de bien-être de l’Ouest-de-l’Île pour les personnes atteintes de cancer à Kirkland. Cherchez les billets sur leur site Les lectures intuitves seront en primaire en anglais mais je serai capable de faire certains traductions!


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Featuring the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, the Soul Coaching Oracle Cards and the Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, all Hay House published. 

September Guidance - Fairies - Earth Magic

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September Guidance Oracle Card 2018

Can you believe it is September? Well yes it is and here we are with our guidance for this month. 

Wishing you well :)

- Sheila

Fairies – Earth Magic


For quite a long time, the idea of “magic” has been connected with fantasy, with unreal, with mystical, with conjuring, with gifts, with mystery… and in some cases even with evil or bad. This may all be true in some ways, even the idea of magic being evil or bad because it depends on the use of it, the purpose, and the plan. Those who use it in a way that does not serve the greater good (which can be a perception as well – oh the complications of detail!) can create feelings and situations that are out of the hands of others and are not generating help, joy, happiness, health, etc. Is it the magic that is evil or bad or the person who wields it? Much like money, power, influence, and authority, it is good and wise to observe and question. Perception, meaning, and use is important.


Is magic itself far from what the average human being experiences? The quick answer is yes, most people do not deal with, recognize, or utilize magic. However, does that mean it is not there or that there is a magical aspect to their very existence whether they call it so or not? Is there something magical in the birth of a child, in the growth of a tree, in the sensation of love between two people, as family or in desire, or in the whisper of inner guidance that suggests which way to go? Is there something magical in the gliding of an eagle on the wind, the song of a whale, or the howls between wolves? Is there something magical in the communication of brainwaves and through neurons, of heartbeats and breath, of the sensation of the baby toe and how it helps the body to balance? Is there something magical in a spark of an idea, the pull to create, or the desire to help?


There are now scientific reasons for many of these things as humans continue to progress and learn. Does the deeper understanding and learning make them any less magical or make them even more incredible? In whatever you are undertaking this month, allow it to be magical. Let your thoughts be there to bring you to higher and better. Invite your body to work with you as you work with it. See the wondrous aspects of everyday life held in the most mundane and usual tasks, for even those have magical and amazing qualities in them.


Allow yourself to bring in the magic. Embrace it and utilize it wisely. What you say to another person. How you say it. Whether you smile or not. Whether you notice the incredible clouds in the sky or sparkle on the water. How you feel. What you feel. What you are aiming for and how you get there. Noticing the incredible wonder of each breath and each movement of your body. Noticing this in other people and creatures. Seeing the wisdom in another’s eyes, whether it is wisdom you were seeking or not, whether it is a person you know or not. Noticing the inner knowing you possess, how it expresses itself and how you listen and act on it. These are all aspects of magic, everyday magic, real magic, your magic.


And ask. Ask for magic, hope for it, wish for it, send out desires for it. How will it feel? What will it be like? What is your true magical essence when expressed in the here and now, in the human life with spirit/energy connection? Ask for help from other humans. This can be magical too and will be more and more as each embraces these possibilities. Ask for help from those who are ready to help you too, fairies, guides, angels, dragons, to name a few. All powerful in their own ways and all ready to be a part of your journey and your magic. Show them your vision and they will show you theirs, together progressing forward.


This is an amazing month ahead. See what magic it will bring to you. Open up to it and breathe it in.

What is your magic? What does magic mean to you? To reflect and observe is a great place to start.


Magical light blessings.


Contact me for your own guidance reading. Guidance and support for your life. 

See out of the fog, shift from being stuck, and connect to what is amazing!

Sheila Bicknell - BlueWater Oracle

[email protected]

514-573-4740 (Montreal region, Canada)

This reading is featuring the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, and 

August Oracle Guidance Reading

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Guidance for the month of August



“I am a radiant, glorious, powerful being!”


You have so much beautiful power at your fingertips. Take a deep breath right now and allow yourself to remember that. Allow yourself to feel that deep into your being and deep from your being.


You also have an incredible array of choices ahead of you at all times. This sometimes presents a challenge to humans because it can stifle the mind as it tries to decipher what needs to happen next and what is the best course of action or decision to take. In most cases what is of primary importance is to make a choice and go towards it. Remember that the other choices are still there. They are not negated by your choosing a direction. If in your action towards that choice, you decide that it is no longer or was not in your best interest, then you shift course, and choose again. Like the face of a compass, it gives you all the direction options. The needle points to north but you can choose any direction you wish to go. It is there to situate you, not to say you need to go north.


If you are frozen in your choice making, this is a signal to stand still for a moment. Breathe into your body and into your life. Come fully into the space you are occupying. And then look around. See what is in your life. See what surrounds you. Feel what you are feeling and feel what your life feels like in this moment. Then when you feel you have been still for a good while, feeling calmer and more centered, it is time to look at your choice options. Feel the one that resonates most with your heart. It feels interesting, maybe a little exciting, maybe a little scary as well, but also with a curiosity and a joy present. Your heart nudges you forward. Just take one step, whatever that step is and then breathe again. Continue this until you build momentum or find that you are no longer frozen. You may even get surprised and find you are moving forward towards that choice faster than you imagined!


Some other choice and some other experience may be around the corner but at least you have moved forward to get there. You are connecting to your power in this decision making and action taking. Raise your hands up and smile in your power!



Sheila note: Writing out oracle readings is always interesting for me. What comes through is unique each time. In this one, the way of communication used what felt like more proper English with particular vocabulary that doesn’t always come up! Fascinating! Thankful for having some good English in my writing skill options, haha! and thankful for being able to receive and pass along guidance. 


This reading features the Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, available through


(as read and published August 3rd on my Facebook BlueWater Oracle Page)

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July Oracle Guidance

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July 2018

What will help us to know this month…

Breakthrough Soul Coaching® Oracle Card

This is a soul phase, where what has happened in the past, what you have learned, what you have experienced, what you have come to desire, want, and need, now comes to a point of expansion giving you the option to breakthrough if you choose. How do you know? There may be a driving push forward (or even a pull forward!) or restlessness when you are heading in a particular direction suggesting there is something more or different for you. There may be a deep sense of coming into your own and knowing + living as who you really are. Where to go next and what to do next may be large and profound changes as much as they may be subtle slight changes that mean huge amounts to you and your life. The size of change is not as important as the degree of realization that comes to you. You may not completely uproot and shift your life, you may simply notice aspects of life differently or react differently to them. Both and all are acceptable. Not everyone will be in gigantic climactic change, but if you are reading this, there is something that is shifting for you. You know it, you can sense it. This month is the breakthrough phase where you come out of the tunnel, whatever that tunnel was for you. Your choice is whether you stop where you are or even turn around back into the tunnel. You always have the choice and there is no right or wrong answer. It is your journey. The avenue that flows more easily is probably moving forward out of the tunnel where the light is brighter and where you are able to take a full expansive deep breath, from your heart centre and from your depths of soul.

When you question, the affirmation of this card is a reminder of how you are able to soar, you are allowed to soar, and you are destined to soar as a human experience. “I soar into limitless love, light, and joy!” Limitless love, light, and joy! Limitless! If you are feeling limited, look to where this is happening. Is it in your thought patterns? Is it because you are taking on too much of someone else’s thoughts and judgements? Is it because you have emotions which are wanting to be felt and expressed but you are holding them back in fear that they will actually make you feel? Is it because you doubt the amazingness of your human body and the life experience you are in? Limitless love, light, and joy! That is a part of you as much as your skin, as much as your lungs breathing, as much as your blood flowing. It is a part of you. Love, light, and joy, in limitless amounts, from unlimited source, it is already yours!

Connect to your soul and let it bring you out of the tunnel. It will work with your heart, with your sense of full wonderful self. It will show you things you may otherwise miss. Together you will learn more and be more. What? You are not ready? You do not feel ready to step forward? For some reading this, that may be their response. No problem! There is no judgement here, no “should” effect. If you will allow, let yourself know that the breakthrough out of the tunnel is there, even if all you see is a dot of light up ahead. Feel and sense that space out of the tunnel, that dot of light. By allowing yourself to know it is there, you come into this moment and connect with your deep knowing self. You move into this soul phase where you need to and that is wonderful in itself.

For others, you are celebrating this Breakthrough! You have been waiting for the dot of light to get bigger, climbing over dark places, reaching through crevices, pushing and pulling at whatever was needed to get through and expand. Congrats! You did not give up even if it was tough and even if it was intense. Now take that deep breath you are due and enjoy! Limitless love, light, and joy! Limitless soaring! Limitless life! Enter soul phase…

Enjoy your July moon month!

BlueWater Oracle

Featuring the Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, published and available through