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What does Your Self want you to know today?

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Welcome to BlueWater Oracle, your source for light, guidance, wisdom, and insight through Oracle Card Readings.

As an Oracle, I use Oracle Cards to give insight about the now in a person’s life. With the cards and my intuition, we bring light to what you would most like or need to know, accessing and activating your inner knowing. Do you need clarification about a topic or situation? Is there an issue you would like to better understand or work though? Are you looking for a confirmation about a feeling or a circumstance? Would you like to have guidance on the next action to take or reflection to make? Is it time for a stronger connection with your highest self and the universe around us?

My Oracle Card Readings are not really fortune-telling or psychic predictions, nor are they usually connection with people who have passed over to spirit (although it may happen!). They provide something stronger: they are a connection with YOU! With the self that whispers to you, that asks you to notice and to be aware, to feel and to reflect. Whether you think about this as messages from You, your Higher Self, or your Soul, it wants only the best for you. Sometimes our lives are so busy and thought-filled, we need a pause to help us listen. At other times, we think we know or realize something but it comes with a big question mark and uncertainty. When that call to listen & to clarify comes, light can be brought with insight, information, and guidance. Through an oracle card reading, we can break free into this light!

I look forward to connecting…

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